Best Contractor Table Saws for 2023 – Top Picks, Reviews & Comparison

Tools come in all types to suit the needs of novices and professionals. If you are serious about woodworking and your portable or Jobsite table saw cannot perform the job well, the best thing you can do is to look for the best contractor table saws. These are amazing tools that are designed for professionals and they offer more power, precision, and safety.

Contractors handle a wide range of projects like making cabinets, and laying down flooring among other renovation tasks. You might be tempted to look for a portable table saw that is lightweight and easy to transport but it will not handle most of the tasks. Investing in a contractor table saw gives you the ability to handle all types of work.

Best Contractor Table Saw – Quick Table

Image Product 
Power Source Motor Power Weight Dimension ​(Inch) Price
backpac DEWALT DWE7491R Corded-Electric 15-amp, 4800 RPM 110 lbs 31 x 24.5 x 31 Check Price
backpac SAWSTOP CNS175-TGP236 Corded-Electric 1.75 HP, 120v, 14-amp 338 lbs 72 x 19.5 x 47.02
Check Price
cordlessblower Powermatic 1791230K 64B Corded-Electric 1.75 Hp 115/230V, 20-amp 470 lbs   70 x 32 x 34 Check Price
Makita 2705X1 Corded-Electric 15-amp, 4800 RPM 125 lbs 24.6 x 22.4 x 28.6 Check Price
Delta 36-5052  Corded-Electric 15-amp,
1 PH, 60 Hz
233 lbs 33 x 83 x 44 Check Price
Bosch 4100-09 Corded-Electric 15-amp, 3650 RPM, 4HP 124.2 lbs 39 x 29.75 x 21 Check Price
Jet 708492K JPS-10TS Corded-Electric 1.75 HP 238 lbs 82 x 35 x 39 Check Price
Rockwell RK7241S Corded-Electric 15-amp, 4800 RPM, 120V/60Hz 88.2 lbs 27.6 x 17.9 x 38.8 Check Price

To help you pick the right tools, go through our top contractor table saw reviews. We have provided you with a quick comparison, detailed reviews with pros and cons, and a buying guide that covers important features that you need to check before purchasing the right contractor table saw.

Best Contractor Table Saw: Reviews for 2022

Table saws are the most common tools that you will find in any workshop. Contractor table saws are the best selection for professional woodworkers. Compare the following reviews to find out the best contractor table saw for the money.

1. DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

 DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity

Serious woodworkers and home hobbyists need a versatile contractor table saw that can handle almost any task. If this is what you are looking for, DEWALT DWE7491RS can be a nice tool to think about. This table saw can be used in a wide range of applications like ripping floorboards, ripping filler boards, ripping deck boards, ripping framing lumber, and much more.

With a 15.OA high torque motor, this table saw has ample power to cut through tough materials like hardwoods and pressure-treated lumber. It gives you a no-load speed of 4800 rpm which is pretty fast. When you open the package, apart from the table saw, you will also get other included items like a miter gauge, push stick, 10-inch carbide blade, and a rolling stand.

When it comes to the functionality of the tool, the saw has a rip capacity of 32-1/2 inches that allows you to cut larger shelving as well as for trim materials. It has nice patented material support meaning that you can use it for narrow rip cuts.

Another thing notable about this contractor table saw is the convenient dust collection port where you can connect a vacuum for the effective extraction of dust. This leaves your Jobsite neat and clean and also reduces respiratory problems.

What we liked

  • Has a rolling stand for easy setup and breakdown
  • Efficient dust extraction system
  • Designed with a powerful 15 amp motor
  • Has a large rip capacity
  • It can be used for different applications
  • On-board storage to keep your items safe

What we didn’t like

  • The throat plat lock gets loose

2. SawStop CNS175-TGP236 Contractor Table Saw

 SAWSTOP 10-Inch Contractor Saw, 1.75-HP, 36-Inch Professional T-Glide Fence System (CNS175-TGP236)

When it comes to reliability and versatility, not all table saws can offer you that. However, the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 gives you all these and much more. This contractor table saw features two cast iron wings that offer a smooth finish and fit. The wings align well on the table and add some weight to the table which makes it stable. You will also experience reduced vibration and accurate results all the time.

One of the main benefits that you will enjoy when using this contractor table saw is versatility. It also provides you with accurate results all the time when you are handling your projects. The saw features a professional t-glide fence system that is made with high quality and thick gauge steel for durable performance.

The saw blade can also detect the human hand because it carries some electric signals. When the skin gets into contact with the blade, the signal change since the human body is conducive. This prevents accidental cuts so you will not end up losing your fingers.

Observing safety hazards at work is important when you are dealing with a table saw. If you don’t want to suffer from respiratory conditions or pour dust all over your workplace, you need to check if your saw has a convenient dust extraction system. This one has a dust collection port adapter that captures most of the dust produced during work.

What we liked

  • Versatile saw that offers smooth finishes
  • It is stable and has reduced vibrations
  • Offers a smooth operation
  • Has an effective dust extraction system
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable and large cast iron table
  • Has a large rip capacity
  • Jobsite cart for easy mobility

What we didn’t like

  • Issues with quality and finish
  • Complaints of lack of precision

3. Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw Contractor Table Saw

 Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw, 1.75 Hp 115/230V, 50-inch Fence With Riving Knife

Performing DIY and home renovation projects like hauling kitchen cabinets or building decks in the backyard requires the use of a powerful contractor table saw. If you are wondering about the right contractor saw to invest your money in, you can try Powermatic 1791230K which provides exemplary work in your projects.

The saw features a fence with a riving knife style to ensure that there is blade proximity and eliminate any chances of kickback. Moreover, the blade guard and the riving knife offer a quick release and tool-less setup and removal.

The type of table that is included in your cabinet saw also has an effect when it comes to achieving precise and accurate results. You will love the ground cast iron table that is not only durable but also features beveled wing edges to offer smooth miter gauge entry.

Working with table saws is a task that produces sawdust. With that in mind, a nice dust extraction system is inevitable in any saw. After all, you don’t want to ruin your health and safety if the dust produced is not collected effectively. This tool is designed with a built-in extraction port to boost dust collection efficiency.

What we liked

  • Nice contractor table saw for the money
  • Meets the demands of professional contractors
  • Riving knife reduces kickback
  • Extension plate support your workpiece
  • Designed with a durable cast iron table
  • Storage hooks to keep your accessories

What we didn’t like

  • Very minor flaws for the saw

4. Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

 Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand

Table saws are the most popular tools that you will find in any workshop. They make smooth and accurate cuts and you can handle a wide range of tasks with these tools. Professionals who require precision when cutting hardwood and other tough materials need a powerful tool like the Makita 2705X.

This contractor table saw features a powerful 15 amp motor with a speed of 4800 rpm giving you all the power that you need to handle a wide range of tasks.  It is also designed with an electric brake that offers maximum productivity. This is one of the best table saws on the market today that is ideal for professional applications.

Dealing with large materials? Then you will appreciate the large cutting capacity that is included in the saw. It can rip up to 4 times the material in just one pass. To help you achieve accuracy and more cutting capacity, this table saw is designed with a precision-machined tabletop that stays flat. The extension table gives you more capacity and the t-slot miter gauge secures your materials perfectly.

Another thing that you will love is the durable and portable stand included in the saw. The stand has heavy-duty wheels which makes transportation easy while still giving a durable performance. Storage is also easy since it includes an easy-to-adjust spring-loaded system.

What we liked

  • Versatile for different applications
  • It is durable and powerful
  • Has a portable stand
  • Easy to fold for storage
  • Provides accurate cutting
  • Gives you more cutting power
  • Has a blade guard system for safety

What we didn’t like

  • Great saw but big and heavy

5. Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 52-Inch RH Rip

A contractor is a person who handles so many projects for his clients in a month and this can be a cumbersome process. It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture wood décor, wooden flooring, or any other kind of woodworking task. You can enjoy the best experience with Delta 36-5052.

This tool features a powerful 15 amp motor to provide enough power for versatile applications. It can only run when it is connected to a corded electric wire to the socket. We know that most contractor table saws are designed for use at a particular point because they are large and heavy.

However, if you need something that you can easily move from one location to the other, you can try this tool. Users also love the stability and support that you will get from this tool, thanks to the strong tubular stand. The base of the tool also features a top-quality cast iron, unlike other plastic models you will find today.

The saw has user-friendly features so you don’t expect to have a difficult time during operation. The large on and off button is easy to access. It also features a blade brake to stop the blade from turning when you switch off the power.

What we liked

  • Has a stand for support and stability
  • Durable cast iron tabletop
  • Large and easy to access on and off switch
  • Provides precision cutting
  • Blade brakes for safety
  • Has a large rip capacity

What we didn’t like

  • Hard to move the saw with the extension table included

6. Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

 Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09 with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand; Portable Table Saw

If you are a cabinet maker, remodeler, flooring, and decking contractor, or a finish carpenter, you need to have the most powerful contractor table saw. Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch saw is suitable for all these tasks and much more. This is a nice selection for a person who is looking for the best portable contractor table saw.

You can move the table saw with ease from one location to the other. The tool is designed with an innovative and collapsible table saw stand that helps you adjust the height to meet your working requirements. It also features nice 8-inch pneumatic wheels that roll easily for mobility purposes.

Precision is an important thing to check when you are dealing with contractor saws. This model offers you a high precision cutting and ample power with a speed of up to 3650 no-load speed. It is also designed with a large cutting table and more ripping capacity to accommodate materials up to 25 inches in width.

In regards to durability, this is one of the most dependable tools that you will find. All the components of this saw are quality so you can get a durable performance and great value for your money.

What we liked

  • The table is innovative and portable
  • Provides reliable power for different tasks
  • Can hold more capacity and the working table is large
  • Provides high precision and efficient power
  • Has a smart guard system for safety
  • Wheeled base for easier mobility

What we didn’t like

  • Users find it rough for fine work
  • Assembly instructions would have clear

7. Jet 708492K Contractor Table Saw

 Jet 708492K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 30-inch Fence, Steel Wing and With Riving Knife

Can you imagine how life would be without power tools? It would be pretty hard to handle smaller to larger projects. The invention of power tools really changes how we do our work. One of the most reliable and trusted brands that you can consider is Jet power tools. As much as this one is not a bigger name on the market, customers love the reliability of their tools.

Jet 708492K Contractor Table is an amazing tool that is designed with a riving knife and comes with all important features that will help you rip hardwood easily. The saw has amazing features that are suitable for both professionals and beginners. This is why it is one of the most versatile tools out there.

The cabinet saw brags of a powerful 1.75 hp motor with a speed of up to 4000 rpm. It gives you more power output that is enough to handle smaller projects like ripping thin boards but it can also work with larger boards. It is designed with a transparent blade guard that allows you to see through the blade so that you can see clearly what you are cutting.

What we liked

  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • The fence requires little or no adjustment
  • Provides smooth and effortless cuts
  • Comes with a stand
  • Has a transparent blade guard
  • Features a cast iron table that is strong

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Doesn’t work well with thick pieces of wood

8. Rockwell RK7241S Jobsite Table Saw

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

If you have been keen when buying table saws, you will notice that you have to sacrifice some features so that you can enjoy other features. For instance, if you need a powerful tool, then it will be heavy making it less portable. If you choose a portable model, then you will have to sacrifice when it comes to power.

What if I told you that Rockwell RK7241SJobsite Table Saw provides you with both portability and sufficient power? This is one of the best saws out there that utilizes laser precision so that you can get accurate reading and cuts. On top of that, it is packed with many great features that help you achieve smooth and precise cuts.

This powerful table saw is easy to operate. It is portable enough because it has transport wheels that are included on the stand so you can move it with ease to different locations. Users also love the fact that the saw comes assembled so you can begin operation right from the box.

What we liked

  • Laser line indicator for precision
  • It is easy to transport
  • Has a folding fence to Achieve extra wide cuts
  • Incredible cutting depth
  • Laser indicator help to adjust to the blade tilt
  • No assembly is needed
  • The saw is easy to use
  • Designed with a powerful motor

What we didn’t like

  • Table extension feels cheap
  • Saw table doesn’t seem to be flat

Buyer’s Guide

You need to consider several crucial features when you are purchasing a contractor table saw. By doing that, you will be in a position to find a quality table saw that meets your requirements. The following are great features that you should focus on before you make your purchase.


Contractor table saws are common among many professional and serious woodworkers because of their power and the ability to handle a wide range of tasks. Before you make your purchase, ensure that the tool has enough power. Most of the best table saws feature a 15 amp motor with a wattage ranging from 750-1500W. If you find that a particular contractor saw has less power than this, then it is weak.

Blade Size and Type

The most common blade size that you will find in different contractor table saws is a 10-inch size. This size is ideal for different types of cuts and it gets through a wide range of materials without difficulties. If you are buying the blade separately, ensure that it is compatible with the type of table saw you are buying.

When it comes to the type of blade, you can either choose crosscut blades or rip blades. The type of blade that you choose determines the speed and how clean the cuts will be. For instance, rip blades feature more teeth and are designed with larger gullets.

Crosscuts blades are designed with more teeth but they have some smaller gaps between them making them slower. You can also find some blades that fall between the two categories that give you both precision and speed.

Blade Material

There are different types of materials that are used to make blades. You need to find out if the material quality is good so that you can end up with a durable blade. Cutting wood requires a blade that is made of either carbon or steel material. These types of blades are hard yet very flexible. If you are dealing with harder materials like metal, then you can consider a blade that is made of diamond-tipped tungsten.

Table Size

I mentioned earlier that a contractor handles a wide range of projects. This means that you will be dealing with small to large workpieces. With that in mind, you should consider the size of the table that comes with your ideal contractor table saw. Tables come in various designs ranging up to 52 inches. However, if you choose a larger table, then you will have to compromise on maneuverability.

Storage Space

There are different types of items that you will require when you are working with any table saw. How will you keep these items within reach? This is why you should check if the particular model is designed with storage space underneath where you can keep important items within reach. You can store extra blades as well as other safety accessories conveniently.

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Mobility Considerations

Most of the contractor table saws on the market are not designed to move to different places. These tools are large and bulky and this makes them stable. However, if you are considering a model that you can easily move, you can check the most portable one or one that can adapt to cart bases or wheels to make transportation easier. The main drawback that you will get when you opt for a lightweight or portable model is less power.

Work Surface and Extensions

You should always check the type of work surface that is included when buying a contractor table saw. Ensure that the work surface area is flat and sturdy for the best outcome.

Does the table saw come with an extra extension? This is a crucial factor to consider especially if you are dealing with large workpieces. If you are a professional, I would recommend selecting a model that is upgradable so that you can get the most out of the tool. However, this might require you to part with some extra dollars.

Best Contractor Table Saws2


Working with a table saw that is not sturdy enough will not provide you with precise results. The last thing that a contractor wants is a tool that wobbles during use. If there is less stability, then you will get more vibrations which leads to less accuracy. Additionally, a tool that is unstable can also be hazardous. Check out to see that the tool is designed with a strong and solid base to provide the stability that is required.

Dust Collection

Look for a contractor table saw that features an efficient dust collection system. It doesn’t matter whether you are working inside or outside your workshop, a good dust collection mechanism makes your work easier and helps you maintain a tidy work environment.

Safety Features

Your safety is important when it comes to working with any power tools. There are so many accidents that have been reported regarding the use of table saws. As much as you want a tool that gives an excellent cutting performance, it should not put you at risk. Check out for important safety features like anti-kickback and blade guards so that you can enjoy a safe and stress-free operation.


Just like buying the best cabinet saw, investing in a contractor saw is also a huge investment. This is why the saws are designed for people who are serious about woodworking. The prices of these table saws are pretty high but this varies from one model to the other.

In as much as you want to save money, avoid compromising the quality and the durability of the tool. After all, there is no need of buying a tool that will not last long. The best contractor table saw carry a hefty price tag but they are worth the price in the long run. Make sure you come up with a budget requirement and select the most suitable saw that meets your budget needs.

Final Verdict

Purchasing the best contractor table saws is a huge investment. This is an incredible tool that provides perfect balance when it comes to mobility and cutting strength. The saws are suitable for professionals, DIY lovers, and woodworkers who deal with mid-scale projects.

Hopefully, our contractor table saw reviews have given you an insight into what you should be on the look for when you are on the market looking for one. Depending on your budget, features, or quality, you can pick the right table saw that is suitable for your woodworking tasks. All the above are amazing tools that you can use in almost all woodworking tasks.

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