Best 10-Inch Miter Saw in 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Miter saws come in different sizes and the blade of the miter saw determines its size. You can get smaller models with blades measuring 7 ¼ inches and others with up to 20 inches. The most common sizes of miter saws that you can get are 10 and 12 inches. The Best 10-Inch Miter Saw can be a great choice if you want something less expensive.

Best 10 Inch Miter Saw

10-inch miter saws are common because they can cut materials that are 6 inches wide. These saws are also lightweight, easy to sharpen, and their blades spin faster as compared to 12-inch miter saws. I will take you through reviews of the top 10-inch miter saws that you can consider buying this year.

10-Inch Miter Saw – Our Recommendation

Image Product Name Power Source Motor Speed Blade Size Weight Price  
backpac Makita LS1018 Corded Electric 4300 RPM 10-Inch 43.7 lbs Check Price
backpac Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-262L Battery Powered 5500 RPM 10-Inch 25 lbs Check Price
cordlessblower DEWALT DWS713 Corded Electric 5000 RPM 10-Inch 38.07 lbs Check Price
Hitachi C10FCG Corded Electric 5000 RPM 10-Inch 38.07 lbs   Check Price
Metabo HPT C10FCG AC single phase 60 Hz, 120 V 5000 RPM
10-Inch 24.2 lbs Check Price
Metabo HPT C10FCGS AC single phase 60 Hz, 120 V 5000 RPM 10-Inch 24.5 lbs Check Price

10 inch miter saw review Review

There is a wide range of 10-inch miter saws on the market today. If you are not certain which model to choose from, we have included top reviews and buyers’ guides. This will help you make the right decision.

1. Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018 10-Inch Dual Slide <a href=

There is so much that you can achieve with this machine in carpentry, general construction, and more. With a powerful 13 AMP direct drive motor, this miter saw calls for little maintenance. This is a sliding miter saw that is suitable for almost any cutting project that needs a miter saw.

The saw is easy to start, which is partly attributed to the soft starting feature. Its ergonomic rubberized handle provides a better fit and comfort hence allowing you to work more with minimum strains. Also, this machine comes with plenty of accessories, including a blade, triangular rule, vise, dust bag, wrench, extension wings, and more.

Since it also delivers 4300 rpm, this saw is highly precise and cuts through materials without wasting by grinding them into pieces. The Makita LS1018 is also designed to provide optimal accuracy with every cut.

It features an extensive precision machined aluminum base that conveniently and effectively supports the material when cutting. There is an electric brake that supports the achievement of maximum productivity.

What we liked

  • Its motor requires little maintenance
  • Offer a high degree of accuracy
  • Comes with a blade, rectangular rule, vise, and dust bag
  • Ideal for general construction and more
  • Easy to start up and use

What we didn’t like

  • Does not have a laser

2. Delta Power S26-262L

Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-262L 10" Shop Master Miter Saw

Need a cordless miter saw? This is a 10-inch miter saw with a battery-operated laser and many other innovative features. It would be a perfect addition to any workshop, especially a home workshop. If you need a miter saw that could withstand constant use without overheating, this would be it.

The laser also has an on and off switch that makes things easier for you. It is simple to align the blade to the workpiece. This machine would be perfect for everyday use at home for private and commercial carpentry and fine woodworking.

This machine can meet both the severe and straightforward cutting needs of a handyman. This dependable saw is also very versatile since you can use it with virtually any miter saw stand out there.

Also, it is lightweight and can, therefore, be carried from one point to another with the utmost ease. The spindle lock helps you hold the spindle in place when you want to change the blade. It meets the safety standards and can, therefore, be used without worries.

What we liked

  • Packed with innovative features
  • Lightweight unit
  • The spindle lock steadfastly holds the spindle
  • Works with nearly all miter saw stands
  • Powerful motor provides powerful cutting

What we didn’t like

  • No mounting holes in the fence

3. DEWALT DWS713 Miter Saw

DEWALT Miter Saw, Single Bevel, Compound

This is your kind of tool if you need the DeWalt miter saw that is ideal for carpentry, fine woodworking, and general construction. For an expert looking to improve his workshop, there is so much to like in this innovatively designed piece of equipment.

It is sturdy and energy-efficient regardless of the cutting function in play. This compound miter saw boasts a 15-amp motor that drives at 5000 rpm to deliver extended power.

The machine is also durable and can serve you for an extended period if you take good care of it. The device has a stainless steel miter detent plate that works alongside the turn knob lock, made from the same material, to provide repeated and unwavering accuracy.

This feature also offers 14 positive stops that enhance its deliverability and general efficiency. Any professional will love using this machine because it is easy to use and adjust. It also has excellent sliding fence support that makes it even better.

What we liked

  • Built-in carry handle makes it more portable
  • It is lightweight
  • Provide repeated accuracy
  • The tool is durable
  • Deliver extended power

What we didn’t like

  • Blade wobbles at a certain angle

4. Hitachi C10FCG

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound <a href=

If you need the 10-inch sliding miter saw for the toughest cutting jobs, this machine will not let down if you use it well. It functions on a 15-amp motor that works well to deliver high power. It is a highly flexible machine that will make your work easy and more satisfying.

Since it boasts a bevel range of 0 to 45 degrees, you are guaranteed to get clean and accurate bevel cuts with this machine. It has a large table that excellently supports the material for an uninterrupted cutting experience.

Also, the manufacturers included a vice clamping system that conveniently secures the workpiece. The machine weighs as low as 24.2 pounds, which comes as a strength in so many ways.

Its lightweight design facilitates not only more comfortable transport and portability but also maneuverability. This miter saw also has a large dust collector attachment that helps you keep a clean working area and protect you from airborne particles.

What we liked

  • Has a large table
  • Its handle provides a secure hold
  • Dust collectors minimize airborne particles
  • Deliver high precision
  • The saw is versatile

What we didn’t like

  • Only bevels left

5. Metabo HPT C10FCG

Metabo HPT C10FCG 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

This is another incredible 10-inch miter saw that provides more power for tough cutting jobs. It has a 15 amp motor that provides a no-load speed of 5,000 RPM. This implies that it can handle most tough cutting tasks like miter cuts and crosscuts.

Woodworkers who need versatility, reliability, and precision in their jobs can benefit a lot from this miter saw. Since it can bevel from 0-45 degrees left, you can achieve smooth and accurate bevel cuts. You will also love the large table that provides better material support when you are working.

It also features thumb-actuated positive stops that offer faster miter adjustments. In terms of portability, you can trust in this compound miter saw to deliver the best. It is lightweight than most models in its class. This means that you can transport it from one place to another easily.

What we liked

  • It is easy to carry it from one place to another
  • The compound miter saw has an impressive cutting speed
  •  Comes with a laser guide to ensure accuracy in cutting
  • It has a fence and wings for stability

What we didn’t like

  • The manual is hard to use
  • Tool falls apart easily

6. Metabo HPT C10FCGS

Metabo HPT C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw

If you are looking for a lightweight miter saw, the Metabo HPT C10FCGS can be a great purchase because it’s a Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw. The saw has a compact design and weighs less which makes it easy to transport. It features a powerful 15 amp motor with a speed of 5000 rpm making it perfect for miter and crosscuts. The saw has a carbon brush access that helps you replace the brush to extend the life of the tool.

You can use this compound miter saw to cut big pieces of wood measuring 2×6 inches. The saw features a horizontal handle that offers you a secure hold. On top of that, it also has a large table that offers better material support for the best outcome.

Experts have proven that this is a budget 10-inch miter saw that can also cut through metals. All you need to do is change the blade. The tool can bevel from 0 to 45 degrees to the left hence giving you the most accurate cuts. It can also bevel from 0 to 52 degrees to the right to offer the cutting flexibility that you need.

What we liked

  • The compound miter saw comes at a user-friendly price
  • It is a portable miter saw
  • This miter saw features a powerful motor
  • Using the miter saw is very straightforward
  • Its construction is sturdy enhancing durability

What we didn’t like

  • The blade is not ideal for tough cutting

Buying Guide 

Buying a 10-inch miter saw can be a challenging experience when you are not aware of the special features to look out for. To make your shopping easier, here are some components to remember when buying a miter saw.

What is the right miter saw blade?

The most important part of a miter saw is the blade. The blade determines the cutting depth of the material and the accuracy of the results. Miter saw blades come in different types based on your preference. Some blades are made for wood cutting, aluminum cutting, while others can cut through steel.

Also, blades come in different sizes ranging from 8 to 12-inch sizes. A 10-inch blade is common in most hardware stores since it is less costly and uses fewer amps reducing the cost of electricity too. It can accomplish most woodwork that is less complex. The 12-inch blade is ideal for deckbuilding or thicker material projects which require speed and sharper cuts.

Do you need a laser for your miter saw?

If your project requires accurate cuts, buying a laser for your miter saw is a good idea. The laser acts as a guide by shining a beam on the material where the blade will cut when it’s lowered.

This reduces the risk of error since the woodworker will know the exact place the blade will cut making it safe to use the tool. The laser is best used indoors as the beam is hard to see under bright light.

YouTube Video Credit WoodWorkWeb

A compound or sliding miter saw. Which is best?

The intended use is key before deciding on either sliding or compound miter saw.

A compound miter saw

When creating simple angled cuts in two planes for example in picture frames, you will need a compound miter saw since they can pivot from left to right to create a compound cut in one pass.

Working in a wood shop with 10 inch miter saw

A sliding miter saw

This saw varies from the compound saw since they can move forward and backward as well. This event increases the length of a cut and thickness up to 16 inches. The sliding miter saw can do all the work of a compound saw can and is suitable for lumber, logs, or boards.

Do you need a corded or cordless miter saw?

The cordless models are more convenient because they are portable making it unnecessary to stick near a power outlet.

Cordless miter saws run on 18-24 hours power volts. However, a major challenge is a downtime you are going to have when recharging. A rapid charging system or replaceable batteries can increase the run time.

Corded miter saws are recommended if you have a stationary workplace. This provides more power and consistency.

Do you need an electric brake?

An electric brake is a safety feature that must be present in a miter saw. The brake works to quickly slow down the blade after a cut is made and the saw’s arm is lifted. The brake reduces the risk of injury making the saw much safer to use.

What about Dust Collection System?

Many people overlook this feature but are essential. When you are cutting, sawdust is inevitable. If your tool doesn’t have a dust collection feature, then the work area will be untidy. A dust collection system is essential, especially if you are using the tool indoors. It collects all the dust produced, and this is safe for your health and keeps your workplace neat.

Are Fences Important?

Fences are important because they hold the material in place for accurate cuts. You can get these fences in different heights, and some of them are extendable to support longer materials. If you are planning to cut tall stick or tall crown molding, then look for a miter saw that has a taller fence to offer maximum support.

Does The Tool Come with Accessories?

What are the notable accessories that the tool comes with? You can get miter saws with a built-in clamp, arm lock, extendable material support, and other accessories. Make sure you check the included accessories before you buy your ideal tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the things that a 10-inch miter saw can cut?

A 10-inch miter saw can make right-angled cuts on a 5-1/2 inch wide board. The tool can also cut 2×4 lumber at 45 degrees angle.

What is the ideal thickness that a 10-inch miter saw can cut?

A 10-inch miter saw can cut thick lumbar of 2×4 at 45 degrees angle. The saw can also cut plywood or lumber up to 1.25 inches thick without any problems.

What were the benefits of a 10-inch miter saw as compared to its 12-inch counterparts?

Having a 10-inch miter saw provides you with many benefits. First, these tools are less expensive as compared to 12-inch saws. 10-inch miter saws also have a blade that spins faster, and their blades are easy to find.

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing a model that fits your cutting needs, try not to let pricing or popularity be the main determining factor. The best miter saw should be durable and powerful enough to solve your cutting needs. We hope that this article has shed some light to help you choose a miter saw because, with the to 10-inch miter saw in your workshop, you can work more efficiently on more projects, and have more fun along the way.

If you need a comfortable tool, we recommend the Makita LS1018. It has an ergonomic handle design and also features an electric brake for safety. This tool also comes with many accessories.

Metabo HPT C10FCGS is our second recommendation that provides faster miter adjustments, is highly flexible, and has carbon brush access.

Our third pick is the Hitachi C10FCG with a dust collection, and it can miter 52 to the right and 52 to the left. I hope after comparing all the features of each model, it will be easy for you to choose the right one.

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