Dewalt DW705: A Historical Retrospective of Innovation and Quality

Dewalt DW705 has been a staple of the power tool industry for decades. It’s become an essential part of any workshop or job site due to its versatility and dependability. But how did this iconic saw come to be? Let’s take a look at the history of Dewalt DW705 and see how it became such an indispensable piece of machinery.

The first iteration of the Dewalt DW705 was released in 1962, making it one of the oldest tools still being manufactured by DeWalt today. This original circular saw featured many improvements over existing designs, including a more powerful motor, lighter-weight materials, and adjustable cutting depth settings. These features made the tool significantly easier to use than competing models from other brands, which helped cement its reputation as a reliable choice among contractors and DIYers alike.

Over time, DeWalt has continued to refine its flagship product with new technologies and design changes that have kept up with changing needs in the construction space. Today’s version of the DW705 is nearly unrecognizable compared to its vintage predecessor – but under all those upgrades lies the same dependable saw that earned its place in workshops around the world decades ago!

Evolution Of The Dw705

The DeWalt DW705 has come a long way since its initial release. Its evolution timeline is rather interesting, with various improvements made and enhanced features added over the years. In 2000, the DW705 was released as an 8-1/4″ miter saw capable of cutting up to 2x material at 90 degrees or 1x material at 45 degrees. The motor provided great power for a variety of tasks thanks to its 15 Amp rating and 4,000 RPMs speed.

In 2006, the DW705 underwent major upgrades that improved its overall performance. Its cutting power was enhanced by adding a higher torque motor rated at 15 Amps and 5,250 RPMs so it could handle more materials in fewer passes. Furthermore, two additional bevel stops were incorporated into the design which allowed users to make accurate cuts within seconds. Additionally, the blade guard was upgraded for better protection against dust particles during use.

Today, the DW705 is still one of DeWalt’s most popular miter saws due to its versatility and user-friendly design. With these enhancements over time, it has become even easier for woodworkers and DIYers alike to complete their projects quickly with precision and accuracy – making this tool perfect for any job site! Transitioning now onto Features & Specifications…

DeWalt DW705 History

Features And Specifications

Moving on, the DeWalt DW705 features and specifications have changed over time. It is a light-duty saw that was first released in 1965 with an 11 amp motor power and a 10-inch blade size. Over its history, it has had various cutting capacity options ranging from 2 3/8 inches to 4 1/2 inches deep at 90 degrees depending on model year. The current model offers both corded and cordless versions of the saw capable of cutting up to 4 ½ inches deep while having a 12 amp motor power and 9 ¼ inch blade size.

In addition, the DW705 comes with many safety features such as anti-kickback pawls which help prevent movements that could cause injury or damage to materials being cut. There are also dust blower ports that allow for improved visibility when making cuts in tight spaces or near the edges of the material. Finally, there is an adjustable beveling feature allowing for precise angle adjustments between 0 – 45 degrees for more accurate results during miter cuts and other angled projects.

The Dewalt DW705 proves itself to be a versatile tool ideal for any DIYer or professional contractor looking for precision cutting capabilities combined with safety features. With this knowledge, users can now confidently decide if the DW705 fits their needs before considering its uses in their projects.

Motor Information of DeWalt DW705

Uses For The Dw705

The DW705 saw has a variety of uses for projects and tasks. It is an excellent tool for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and composite materials. The saw can cut through lumber at various angles in order to create trims and moldings that are both precise and uniform. The blade guard keeps the user safe from flying debris while cutting. Additionally, the DW705 can be used to make rabbets, dados, crosscuts, and even mortises with ease.

Other uses include making curved cuts on pieces of plywood or other sheet goods as well as grooving boards for flooring applications or creating stair treads. Its ability to handle thin sheets with precision makes it ideal for cabinetmaking or furniture-building projects. This multifunctional saw also offers rip cuts when using the right blade setup, allowing users to make long straight cuts quickly and accurately without having to switch tools.

Overall, the DW705 is perfect for any project that requires accuracy and dependability due to its wide range of applications that cover many different types of tasks. With these features combined with its durable build quality, this versatile saw is an invaluable asset to have around the shop or job site.

Advantages Of The Dw705 Over Other Saws

The DW705 saw is a cut above the rest when it comes to advantages over other competitive saws. To put it bluntly, this saw has no equal in terms of cutting performance and versatility. Here are some key features that make the DW705 stand head and shoulders above other saws:

  • The 15-amp motor produces 5,200 RPM for quick, efficient cuts
  • A fully integrated dust blower keeps your workspace clean
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport from job site to job site
  • The spindle lock allows for fast blade changes with just one wrench
  • Blade guard system provides maximum safety during operation

Combined with its superior construction quality and durability, these features give you an unbeatable combination of power and portability. This powerful tool can tackle any project big or small, so whether you’re making precision cuts on hardwoods or ripping through sheet goods like plywood, the Dewalt DW705 will get the job done right every time.

Plus, thanks to its affordability and high-quality engineering, it’s no wonder why professional contractors swear by this saw as their go-to choice on all their projects.

Popularity Among Professional Contractors

The Dewalt DW705 has become a staple in the toolboxes of professional contractors. This saw is renowned for its superior performance and reliability, making it one of the most popular models among professionals.

DurableHeavy weight
PowerfulLoud noise level

These features make the Dewalt DW705 a great choice for heavy-duty applications such as framing and cutting hardwood, plywood, and other dense materials. The saws are also long-lasting which has contributed to their popularity with contractors who rely on them day after day. As a result, this model has become synonymous with quality and excellence in contractor circles.

Overall, the reputation of the Dewalt DW705 amongst professional contractors speaks volumes about its effectiveness as a machine. With its sturdy construction and reliable components, many professionals have come to depend heavily on this saw for their daily tasks. Moving forward, let’s take an in-depth look at the design and construction of the DW705.

Design And Construction Of The Dw705

Building on its popularity with professional contractors, the DW705 design and construction have been well-received by many. This saw is part of DeWalt’s range of saws that feature a lightweight yet powerful motor to provide smooth cutting performance while ensuring user safety. The saw has an ergonomic handle that provides greater comfort when using it for long periods of time.

The blade guard system adds additional protection against kickback or misalignment while working with this saw. Additionally, the bevel capacity allows users to make precise cuts at any angle up to 45 degrees in either direction.

The DW705 also comes equipped with a 5/8 inch arbor size and can accept most standard 7 1/4 inch blades, as well as other specialized blades depending on the material being cut. In terms of the overall design, the DW705 features a durable steel base plate which helps reduce vibration during use and ensures accuracy when making repetitive cuts.

Furthermore, the combination of adjustable depth stops and bevel indexing allows users to quickly set their desired measurements without having to re-measure each time they start a new job.

Finally, since the DW705 is widely used among professionals, the availability of replacement parts should not be a problem if any need arises due to wear or damage over time. With these features combined into one compact package, it’s no surprise why the DeWalt DW705 remains so popular among contractors today. Looking ahead toward increasing replacement parts availability will help ensure continued satisfaction for years to come.

Replacement Parts Availability

The Dewalt DW705 saw has been around for nearly 50 years and is still in demand. Over that time, it’s estimated that millions of these saws have been sold worldwide. With such a large number of older models out there, replacement parts availability remains an important factor when considering the purchase of this tool.

When looking for dw705 replacement parts, many consumers choose to shop with DeWalt directly because they offer genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacements. Additionally, some major retailers carry a selection of repair parts for the Dw705 as well – although not all stores necessarily stock every part you might need.

Fortunately, online marketplaces like eBay also provide access to DeWalt dw705 parts from third-party suppliers at competitive prices. While one should always exercise caution when purchasing from any unfamiliar source, buyers can often find rare or hard-to-find dw705 replacement part sources through eBay or similar platforms if necessary.

No matter where you buy your replacement parts, it’s always recommended to compare pricing across multiple sellers before making a final decision on what part to purchase. That way you’ll be sure to get the best deal possible and keep your beloved DW705 running strong for years to come!

Accessories Of DeWalt DW705

Maintenance Requirements

In order to keep the DeWalt DW705 running at its peak performance, certain maintenance requirements should be taken into consideration. To ensure that your saw lasts for years to come and performs optimally, here are some essential tips:

  • Regularly check blade sharpness – replace when needed.
  • Lubricate moving parts with a light oil or 3-in-1 oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Periodically tension belt for optimal torque output.
  • Clean the unit thoroughly after each use following the guidelines outlined in the user manual.

Proper maintenance of the DeWalt DW705 is an important factor in ensuring it runs efficiently and reliably over time. Taking care of these simple tasks will help guarantee your saw works as intended and lasts many projects down the line. With this knowledge, we can now move on to comparison between other models from Dewalt’s lineup.

Comparison To Other Dewalt Models

The Dewalt DW705 has been a staple in the power tool industry for over two decades, and its reputation is well deserved. Over 10 million units have been sold since its release, making it one of the most popular saws in history. In order to evaluate how the DW705 fares against other models from Dewalt’s portfolio, let us compare their specifications side by side:

ModelRPMMax Cutting Depth (90°)Weight (lbs)
DW7054000-50003 1/2″13
DW71550004 1/4″17
DW71758006 1/8″16
DW7185200-60006 3/16”18
DW7214800-54004 7/16”20
DW72236002 9/16”10

User Reviews

Having compared the Dewalt DW705 model to other models in its product line, it is important to consider what users of this saw have had to say. The DW705 has received a considerable amount of attention from customers providing feedback on their experience with this saw and its performance ratings.

Reviews for the DeWalt DW705 are overwhelmingly positive, with many stating that it offers an excellent combination of power and portability at an affordable price point. Several reviews cite satisfaction with its precision accuracy and smooth cuts as well as a durable motor capable of cutting through thick materials without strain or stalling.

Additionally, many reviewers noted that the included guard was helpful in preventing kickback during use and that assembly was intuitively straightforward.

Overall, customer opinion appears to be very favorable when it comes to the DeWalt DW705. Reviews consistently refer to this saw’s reliability and ease of use making it a great choice for DIY projects ranging from small home repairs to bigger jobs like deck building. With these accolades in mind, transitioning into DIY projects with the Dw705 should prove successful.

Diy Projects With The Dw705

The DeWalt DW705 saw is a powerful and popular power saw used for many DIY projects. It has the cutting capacity to take on woodworking projects of any size, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create their own furniture or other home items.

When using this type of saw, there are several things to consider in order to ensure proper safety:

  • Know your saw’s capabilities – Understand what types of materials can be cut with the DW705 and research its specific cutting techniques
  • Wear protective gear – Always wear gloves when operating the machine and make sure any loose clothing or hair is tied back securely
  • Keep others away from the work area – Make sure that anyone else in the vicinity knows not to come near while the machine is running

Using these tips will help you stay safe while utilizing all that the DeWalt DW705 has to offer. With its impressive power, versatility, and durability, it can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to DIY projects.

From basic cuts to intricate designs, mastering how to use this tool allows individuals to craft lasting works of art out of wood. Knowing how best to use it also helps prevent common mistakes related to the improper operation of power saws. As such, understanding essential safety guidelines before beginning is critical for the successful completion of projects.

Safety Guidelines For Use

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 8 million people in the US operate power tools such as saws on a daily basis. As such, it is important for all operators of a Dewalt DW705 Saw to understand its safety guidelines before use. The following table lists some key precautions for operators when handling and operating the saw:

UseWear glovesPut on gloves when using saw blades or other attachments
HandleKeep firm gripAlways have a firm grip on both handles while using a saw
OperationRead manual firstFamiliarize oneself with instructions provided by the manufacturer before the operation
SafetyUnplug after useUnplug the saw from the outlet after each use to prevent accidental starting

It is also critical for users of this saw to ensure that adequate workspace lighting is available so that the work area can be seen clearly during any operation. Additionally, operators should always remain aware of their surroundings, paying particular attention to passersby who may not realize that someone else is operating a power tool nearby.

Finally, never leave the saw running unattended; instead, turn it off and unplug it upon completion of each task. This will help protect against fires, falls, cuts, and electrical shock hazards associated with careless operation. Transitioning into the subsequent section about accessories for the DW705, one must consider what add-ons might benefit them most given their user preferences.

Accessories For The Dw705

Moving on from safety guidelines, let’s explore the various accessories available for the Dewalt DW705. The following list outlines some of these accessories and their uses:

  • DW705 Blades
  • Standard 10-inch blades can be used to cut wood or metal with ease. They’re also suitable for making miter cuts.
  • Carbide-tipped saw blades are ideal for crosscutting hardwoods and softwood lumber as well as cutting aluminum, plastic, plywood, and other material types.
  • Replacement Parts
  • Replacement brushes allow users to replace worn-out parts quickly and easily without having to buy a new tool entirely.
  • High-quality carbon motor brushes ensure that your power tools will last longer and perform better than ever before.
  • Other replacement parts include armatures, bearings, switches, springs, gears, seals, and more!

Having all of these accessories readily available is extremely useful when it comes to maintaining the performance of your Dewalt DW705 saw. Whether you need extra blades or parts replacements due to wear over time; they’re essential items in any DIYer’s arsenal. With durable materials designed to withstand heavy use and abuse, you can rest assured that your investment will stay in optimal condition for years to come.


The DW705 is a versatile and reliable tool that has been used by professionals for many years. Its powerful motor, adjustable blade depth, and wide range of accessories make it suitable for all sorts of projects. It’s easy to use, even for novice DIYers who may not have experience using saws before.

Its popularity among professional contractors speaks volumes about its quality and performance. The DW705 has proven itself as an indispensable part of the contractor’s arsenal due to its reliability, power, and versatility. With proper safety measures taken into account, this saw can be trusted to get the job done right every time.

Overall, the DeWalt DW705 is one of the best tools on the market today for completing any type of project quickly and efficiently. From cutting through thick lumber or trimming delicate material such as shingles, this saw will deliver accurate results with ease. No matter what your needs are when it comes to a saw, you can trust in the dependability and precision offered by the DeWalt DW705!

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