DeWalt DW705 Review: 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw

Robust miter saws make clean cuts and make it possible for you to cut pieces to accurate specifications. As a woodworker, you would find such miter saws extremely convenient. The degree of precision and accuracy may differ from one model to another to a certain extent. 

Therefore, carefully choosing your next miter saw is necessary, considering the vital factors. Since some brands or models are better than others, identify the superior ones, new in the market or not. DeWalt is one of the renowned brands in the power tool market, with numerous varieties. This DeWalt DW705 miter saw Review presents you with one of the best miter saws you can get within its price range.

DeWALT DW705 R 12" Compound Miter / Chop Saw

About DeWalt

DeWalt is a respected brand well known for the endless collection of power tools to its name. Started back in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, it is one of the power tool companies that have been in existence for the longest time in the world. Since then, the brand has always emphasized technological advancement and supporting investors. Mr. DeWalt invented the radial arm saw and started the company, initially referred to as the DeWalt Chainsaw Company.

The company has grown over 20 years. In 1947, it was incorporated as DeWalt, Inc. Black & Decker developed an interest in DeWalt Company, and by 1960, the former had purchased the latter. By 1992, Black & Decker had begun to use the DeWalt name to rebrand their tools, hinting at professional quality as higher-end products.

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Key Features of DeWalt DW705

  • Advanced one-piece arm design reduces blade run-out
  • Bevels 0-45 degrees to the left and right for extra versatility in cutting angles
  • It features an easy-to-read stainless steel miter scale
  • The electric brake is precise and responds faster for quality results and safer use
  • Lightweight design with built-in carry handle
  • An extra tall sliding fence makes cutting more extended materials easier
  • The fence that slides out of the way for bevel cuts
  • The amperage rating of 15 A
  • The 12-inch blade cuts a variety of materials

Specific Features

Lightweight and Fast

Weight is a massive determinant of portability, ease of use, and maneuverability. The DeWalt DW705 dimensions show an intelligently designed miter saw, with a weight light enough for easy control. You can complete tasks or projects faster and still be able to keep the quality of your work high. 

All these become possible because the miter saw weighs just thirty pounds. The DeWalt dw705 light design makes it easy to transport or move around within your workshop. Similarly, this quality makes the miter saw pretty easy to store.

Simple Design

The settings of this miter saw are easily maintainable. Most users prefer power tools that are simple and easy to figure out. Simple here does not necessarily mean traditional or artless. Innovation facilitates the creation of tools that make your work and life easy. 

The DeWalt DW705 is a device with contemporary features that make it easy to use and improve its general performance capacity. The simplicity also makes it suitable for both beginner and more qualified users. You can use the DeWalt dw705 manual for more directions on using it.

Comfortable Handles

Never underestimate the importance of a comfortable handle on a miter saw. Your comfort while using the machine can influence the outcome and its suitability. A comfortable grip helps keeps your concentration intact for better control and more accurate cutting. 

On the top of the motor housing, you will find another handle to help you transport the tool. When you use this handle, the device’s weight is correctly distributed to balance nicely.

Compact Structure

The compactness of the DeWalt DW705 benefits you in various ways, ranging from more stress-free handling to the tool’s ability to survive continuous use on serious projects for many years to come. 

It boasts the kind of ruggedness that a device needs to survive the constant throwing in the back of a pickup truck and the roughness associated with its functions in and out of workshops. Putting it on the stand is equally simple, and it stays steadfastly in place for maximum accuracy and precision with every cut.

32-Tooth Carbide Blade

Every tool comprises several parts, and each serves a specific purpose. The blade that comes with the DeWalt DW705 is as dependable as possible. When you depend on your miter saw not to let you down, the blade is one of the parts to count on. 

The 32-tooth carbide blade might not be the best, but it is ideal for cutting various materials, especially the pressure-treated lumber. The blade you choose mainly determines what materials you can cut and how well. It will make accurate, precise, and neat cuts.

7 Facts make Dewalt dw705 worthy

Powerful Motor

The motor is the engine, and a power tool is only as useful as its motor’s power. The motor has plenty of power and would easily cut the thick hardwood. You will notice its power in how it leaves clean edges on the cut areas and how it cuts nicely even through hardwood. 

The DeWalt DW705 cuts not only smoothly but also strongly and precisely. You can regulate the power to get the most desired performance and consequential results whenever you choose the proper power for the task.

Maintenance and Running  

The DeWalt DW705 is set well, easy to keep running, and gives the best cutting performance. You can make the necessary changes with just the right screwdriver and wrench whenever it comes out of adjustment. 

It is that simple. The DeWalt dw705 10-inch compound miter saw often comes with a wrench for changing the blade so that if you have to change the edge, you will find the process to be painless. Similarly, there is a blade lock that helps in changing the blade. The motor brushes are easily accessible in case you need to replace them.

Miter Detent Plate (Stainless Steel)

DEWALT DW705 is one of the unique qualities of DeWalt dw705 parts. The scale is easily adjustable, stress-free to read, and made of the best stainless steel. The scale gives you 11 positive stops, which amount to many things, including versatility, customization, efficiency, and accuracy. The eleven stops make the tool suitable for various materials of different hardness and structure. You can adjust it accordingly for extra accuracy in every cut you make. The stops are accurate, and it holds their settings well.

Extra-Tall Sliding Fence

The design and size of the fence are strategically designed for the best. The fence is unique in that the fence on the right-hand side is a two-piece. Therefore, whenever you need to make compound cuts, you slide the top of the fence. 

Besides, the barriers are extra-tall to support the work adequately. You can also adjust them to the square of the saw bed. The fences are high enough to allow you to cut 5 1/4-inch crown moldings standing vertically.

Dust Bag

The DeWalt DW705 comes with a dust bag so that you get to maintain a tidy workplace. Without the bag, the dust from the sawed materials is scattered all over the work area, which takes away even the littlest appeal from your workshop and gives you more stressful work of cleaning the place after. 

The bag is large enough to give you ample time in between disposals. However, the bag is too small for serious cutting tasks and would require frequent emptying.  

Blade Guard  

The DeWalt DW705 miter saw has one of the best blade guards you will ever come across anywhere. Unlike most blade guards, this one will never interfere with your line of flight. The guard is accurately and nicely designed to support only the best outcome and make the process enjoyable and satisfactory. 

It protects the blade significantly and acts as a vital safety feature. As you lower the blade onto the material, you are confident that the guard protects you from possible accidents.

Electric Brake

Besides being very important to the tool’s operation, it is also a safety feature. The electric brake is one of the areas in which the DeWalt DW705 has succeeded. That is to say, the miter saw boasts a very efficient and dependable brake system. It is a long-lasting break that is also very easy to understand. 

Besides, the control point is strategically placed for easy access. Hence, you can make very sharp breaks, even in emergencies.


  • Cuts smooth with minimal blade vibration
  • Driven by a powerful motor
  • Weight slightly over thirty pounds, hence lightweight
  • The neat blade guard functions well.
  • Ergonomic design with well-placed handles
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter scale


  • Less durable than generally expected
  • The dust bag is too small for serious projects.
  • Lots of sharp points and rough edges

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sliding miter saw for the money?

DeWalt Compound Miter Saw DW705 would be it. There are many fantastic miter saws out there, but you need to look a little closer at the choices you have for the money. The DeWalt DW705 miter saw is reasonably priced. If you need a DeWalt dw705 price new miter saw for the money, give this model a try, and you will enjoy the value for your money.

Who makes the most accurate miter saw?

DeWalt is a top miter saw brand. So if you asked me where to find the most accurate miter saws, I would still recommend the DeWalt. Black & Decker also has some of the best models, but DeWalt is still a force to reckon with even though the two companies are joint.

What is the best DeWalt miter saw?

DEWALT DWS780 (DWS780) is rugged and durable. This robust saw provides an innovative gearbox and belt drive that make it easy to make more accurate and precise cuts.

Final Verdict

These DeWalt dw705 specifications should help you make the right choice on your next miter saw purchase. Read carefully between the lines to learn more about this innovatively designed saw. You can improve your tool collection and upgrade your workshop by purchasing this miter saw. The good news is that you can use it to cut various materials and still expect the best cuts from it. 

Before purchasing, you can check out the DeWalt dw705 miter saw the price to see if it falls within your budget. In conclusion, you should always remember to take good care of your new miter saw if you want it to last. Just a few responsible maintenance efforts can help you increase its lifespan

Product Comparison Between DeWalt DW705 VS DW715

Image Product Name Power Blade Size Weight Price
backpac DeWALT DW705 15 Amp 10 Inch 42 lbs. Check Price
backpac DEWALT DWS715 15 Amp 12 Inch 42.8 lbs Check Price

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