Best Table Saw For Small Shop 2023 –Top Picks, Reviews & Comparison

If you have a small workshop, you need to have space-saving tools so that your workplace can be spacious and neat. A table saw is an important tool needed by any woodworker in their respective workstations. There are different types of table saws that you can find on the market today ranging from cabinet saws, hybrid saws, contractor saws, and Jobsite saws. So, how will you know which is the best table saw for small shop available on the market today?

We made this guide to make your work easier when picking a suitable table saw for your workshop. We examined several brands of table saws where we checked key factors like safety, quality, precision, and the features included. We also put in mind the needs of small shop owners and this helped us come up with a top list of recommended table saws that you can check

Best Table Saw For Small Shop – Quick Table

Image Product Name Power Source  Motor Power Weight Dimension ​(Inch) Price
backpac DEWALT
Corded Electric 15 amp, 4800 RPM 110 lbs 31 x 24.5 x 31 Check Price
backpac Bosch 4100-09 Corded Electric 15 amp, 4 HP, 120 volts, 3650 RMP 124.2 lbs 39 x 29.75 x 21 Check Price
cordlessblower DeWALT DWE7480  Corded Electric 15 amp,
4800 RPM, 120 volts
53.7 lbs 25.75 x 26.5 x 13.88 Check Price
Hitachi C10RJ Corded Electric 15 amp,
4500 RPM, 120 volts
96 lbs 22 x 28 x 36 Check Price
SKIL 3410-02 Corded Electric 15 amp,
5000 RPM, 120V
67 lbs   28.9 x 12.99 x 20.87 Check Price

Check out a collection of the best small shop table saws that are currently available on the market this year. We have also included a quick comparison and a detailed guide to assist you to make the right decision.

Best Table Saw For Small Shop : Reviews for 2022

Thinking of the best ways to handle your wood cutting at home and still achieve professional results? The following table saws will help you achieve exactly that. Check the reviews of some top-rated models that will be suitable for your small shop.

1. DeWalt DWE7491RS 

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity

If you are a serious woodworker or a home hobbyist, a table saw is one of the most versatile tools that you need to have in your workshop. Dewalt is one of the leading producers of power tools and related accessories. Make your work easier with the DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw which provides you with a wide range of applications.

You can use this table saw to rip filler boards, rip floorboards, rip molds, rip deck boards, and rip framing lumber among other applications. The saw has a rip capacity of 82.5 cm which gives you the chance to cut through larger materials. To offer you accurate, smooth, and fast fence adjustment, it is designed with a rolling stand and rack and pinion system.

It is equipped with a powerful 15.0A high torque motor with enough power to cut through hardwood and pressure-treated lumber. Working with this tool provides you with the stability that you need.

It features a rolling stand that makes setup and breakdown simple while giving you optimum stability when doing your projects. It also has large wheels which make it easy to transport around your Jobsite.

When you are cutting wood and other materials, sawdust is inevitable. Not only do you want to keep your workplace neat but also don’t want to suffer from respiratory diseases when you inhale the dust. This is why the table saw is equipped with a dust collection port that connects well to a vacuum system to offer effective dust extraction.

What we liked

  • Provides better material support
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
  • It is stable
  • Easy to move around
  • Has a powerful motor to cut through hardwood
  • Effective dust extraction system
  • Has onboard storage system

What we didn’t like

  • Possibility of the rack and the pinion system digging the rail
  • Throat plate lock gets loose

2. Bosch 4100-09 

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09 with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand; Portable Table Saw

Some of the major factors that a woodworker cannot compromise when it comes to choosing a table saw are quality and performance. If you want to have a great time every time you enter your workshop, you need a quality tool like the Bosch 4100-09. This is a nice tool to have in your small shop because it provides ultimate portability to get the job done anywhere.

The saw features an innovative design with a collapsible table stand that helps you adjust the height to meet your needs. For easy mobility, the stand of the saw features 8-inch mobility wheels which provide smooth rolling. It features a large cutting table and a rip capacity that can hold up to 25 inches wide materials.

When it comes to the efficiency of the tool, it is equipped with a square lock rip fence that provides increased cutting and allows one-hand operation. It is also equipped with anti-kickback pawls and a riving knife for protection just in case a kickback occurs.

The saw is powered by a 15 amp motor that provides 4.0 maximum hp to handle even the toughest job. For the best productivity, the saw features a constant response circuitry for overload protection and helps to maintain speed under load.

What we liked

  • Easy to use
  • Mobility wheels make transport easy
  • Heavy-duty construction for a durable use
  • Offers high precision cutting
  • The table stand is collapsible

What we didn’t like

  • Can be hard to adjust for the first time

3. DeWALT DWE7480 

DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw

Apart from getting a table saw that makes your work easier, investing your money in a tool that has great construction, longevity and performance is the desire of every woodworker.

Dewalt is a company that has to be in existence for many years so you cannot question their experience in regards to customer satisfaction. This table saw model features a redesigned 15 amp motor that can rip through hardwood while still providing increased cutting capacity.

Small shop owners will love this table saw because it provides easy portability and it is lightweight. You can move the table saw easily on and off the job site. This compact and portable table saw provides a rip capacity of 24-1/2 inches which can handle larger shelving and trim larger materials.

The saw is designed with a convenient onboard storage system that helps you store your accessories when they are not in use. It also features a dust collection port that you can connect to a shop vacuum to collect the dust during cutting.

As compared to table saws that have a plastic base, this tool is designed with a metal roll cage base to offer unmatched durability. It also features adjustable rear feet to level the tool when you are working on uneven surfaces. Additionally, it features a table coating to reduce friction and offer smooth cuts.

What we liked

  • Features a quality 10-inch carbide blade
  • Durable base
  • It is lightweight and portable powerful 15 amp motor with 4800 rpm
  • Has a table coating to reduce friction for smooth cuts
  • Onboard storage to keep your accessories
  • Dust collection port
  • Rack and pinion telescoping rail make fence adjustment fast and smooth

What we didn’t like

  • Miter gauge doesn’t feel tight
  • Cord would have been longer

4. Hitachi C10RJ 

Sometimes, not all of your projects can be done in your workshop. Some projects can force you to move from one place to the other and this is where a portable saw comes in. Hitachi table saw features a foldable design which makes it easy to transport from one point to the other comfortably. The foldable design also makes storage easy when it is not in use to occupy less space in your small shop.

This table saw is your perfect companion if you want enough power to handle even the toughest ripping tasks. It features a 15 amp motor that produces 4500 rpm so nothing will prevent you from getting quick and accurate results.

When you are dealing with relatively larger materials, you need a large working surface that can accommodate the materials effectively. This is why the table features a telescoping table extension that can support a ripping capacity of up to 35 inches right and 22 inches left.

The stable and foldable stand provides a wobble-free performance so you can get the results that you desire. When it comes to safety, it is equipped with an oversized power switch located at the knee level for immediate shut down for safety purposes.

What we liked

  • Has a space-saving design
  • The stand is foldable for easy transportation
  • Designed with a telescoping handle
  • Electric brakes stop blade rotation for safety
  • Powerful 15 amp motor

What we didn’t like

  • Manual doesn’t provide much help
  • Start switch has a fatal design

5. SKIL 3410-02 

If you have a small shop, one of the most important considerations that you should think about when purchasing a table saw is a foldable design. You want a table saw that can fold with ease when it is not in use to make storage convenient. This is exactly what you are going to get from SKIL 3410-02.

The saw is designed with a heavy-duty steel folding stand that has a quick mount. This makes setup and storage easy especially if space is a major concern. To achieve accurate settings and measurements, the tool is designed with an effective EZ measurement system and a self-aligning fence.

This table saw is equipped with a 15 amp motor that delivers the needed power to handle bigger projects. You can use it in various applications like ripping longboards or cross-cutting smaller pieces. It is designed with a strong cast aluminum table that holds your work perfectly when you are cutting.

You will enjoy a cutting height capacity of 3 ½ inch which allows you to cut through 4x the material in just one pass. This makes the table saw ideal for DIY woodworkers who handle different woodworking and carpentry tasks.

What we liked

  • Has a powerful 15 amp motor
  • The stand folds for easy transport and storage
  • Strong aluminum table to hold your work
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Easy fence aligning for accurate cuts

What we didn’t like

  • Miter gauge doesn’t hold long materials

Buyer’s Guide

When you are selecting a table saw, there are certain factors that you should check which will help you pick the most suitable tool that will meet your needs. These factors include the following:


The first thing you should think about when buying a table saw is power. A tool that provides you with more power helps you achieve accurate and quick-cutting results.

The best table saw should have the required amount of power to cut through hardwood and wet timber effectively.  Most of the table saws covered above feature a 15 amp motor that is powerful enough to handle a wide range of projects.


The type of blade that a particular saw has also determined the performance of the tool. You can only get the desired cuts if the blade is set at the right cut depth. Additionally, you should ensure that the saw has the right blade size so that you can get smooth and precise cuts.

You should also pay attention to the cutting depth to get the right one suitable for the task. To add to that, look for a table saw that is equipped with a splinter guard to reduce splintering the top surface of the board.

Dust extraction tool

Cutting wood is a task that produces much sawdust. Therefore, you should check if the table saw features a nice dust extraction tool to remove the dust away from you. You can also find some other tools with a feature like a vacuum cleaner that draws dust away to give you a dust-free environment.

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You also have to think about how much money you want to part with when you are acquiring the best table saw for small shops. The price varies depending on the type of saw you buy and the features included.

You need to figure out the features that you need and select a table saw that matches your budget needs. If you are planning to use your table saw on a daily basis, then consider spending a little more so that you can enjoy a great performance from the tool.


What are some of the safety features that are included in the table saw? Safety at Jobsite should your major concern if you don’t want to end up hurting yourself. Some of the safety features that you should check to include strong guards, automatic shutdown, and anti-kickback among others.

Cutting performance

Does the table saw provide you with smooth and precise cuts? There is no need of spending your money on a tool that offers rough cuts because this is an indication of a poor-quality table saw. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find quality tools that will offer you accurate and smooth cuts.


When you are handling your cutting tasks, there is a possibility that you will require to move your table saw from one location to the other. It can be pretty hard to do that if you have a table saw that is bulky.

For convenience and portability, you need to pick a table saw that measures between 45-52 pounds. Table saws that are heavier than this can be hard to move around. The best portable table saw should allow you to move it to different locations with ease.

Final Verdict

By now, you have a rough idea about some of the best table saw for small shop. These are the top recommendations that you can find on the market today and expect them to work well.

The saws are equipped with incredible features and they are powerful enough to handle even the toughest cutting tasks. You can compare their aspects and benefits and choose the one that you find suitable to handle your cutting jobs.

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