Top 5 Features Of The Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac

Are you looking for a wet/dry vac that will make cleaning up messes easier than ever before? Look no further than the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac. This powerful vacuum has some awesome features that are sure to impress even the most experienced users. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the top five features of the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac and why it’s an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable wet/dry vacuum.

The first feature of this incredible machine is its robust motor which delivers huge suction power to quickly clean up tough messes. It also comes with a large 9-gallon tank capacity so that you can tackle bigger jobs without having to constantly empty out your vacuum cleaner. And if you’re worried about maneuverability, worry not – this model boasts swivel casters which makes moving it around corners or tight spaces much easier.

Finally, there’s something special about the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac that sets it apart from other models: it offers three different levels of filtration, allowing you to customize your cleaning experience depending on what type of debris or particles you need to collect. With these amazing features, plus more, the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is definitely one worth considering when shopping for wet/dry vacs!

Feature 1: Floor Nozzle

The Floor Nozzle is an important feature of the latest vacuum cleaner. It is designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. It has an adjustable brush head that can be adjusted to different angles to make it easier to reach corners and other hard-to-reach areas. The nozzle also has a powerful suction that helps to pick up dirt and debris from carpets and hard floors. The nozzle also has a special attachment that allows it to be used for cleaning upholstery and other delicate surfaces. This makes it a great tool for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Design And Functionality

The Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is a masterfully designed tool that provides the ultimate functionality. Its sleek, modern look makes it a great addition to any garage or workspace; while its strong suction power and durable construction make it an ideal choice for tackling tough messes indoors or out. This powerful vac can easily tackle whatever challenge you throw at it – from dry debris like sawdust to wet spills such as spilled paint.

Plus, its lightweight design allows for easy movement around tight spaces and corners, making clean-up time quick and hassle-free. With all these features combined, this vac continues to prove itself as one of the most reliable tools on the market today. Transitioning seamlessly into the next topic…ease of movement with this bad boy is second to none!

Ease Of Movement

The DeWalt 9-gallon poly wet/dry vac offers excellent ease of mobility. With its lightweight design and easy maneuverability, it can easily be transported from one location to another with a minimum of effort. Plus, the portability benefits are further enhanced by built-in wheels that provide wheeled convenience when moving around job sites or home spaces.

Additionally, the 360° swivel casters make sure you enjoy smooth swiveling in whatever direction you desire. This makes cleaning up large areas much easier than ever before. It even allows for quick access to awkward corners without any trouble at all. All these features together make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for superior portability combined with great performance.


When it comes to a wet/dry vac, durability is paramount. With the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac, you can rest assured that your investment will last for years. Its durable construction and long-lasting materials make this model an ideal choice if reliability is important to you. The robust design ensures tough housing with reinforced edges that won’t easily break or tear from wear and tear. In addition, its polypropylene tank resists rusting and denting more so than other models on the market.

What’s more, the vac has been exhaustively tested in a laboratory setting to ensure it meets strict safety standards. And because of its sturdy design, you don’t have to worry about any parts malfunctioning due to excessive vibrations when using it at full power.

All these features come together to create a product that is built to last – no matter what kind of messes you throw at it! This makes the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac perfect for anyone looking for a reliable vac they can rely on for many years down the road.

That said, strong suction power is also essential when choosing a wet/dry vac – and thankfully, the Dewalt provides plenty of both!

Feature 2: Dry Vacuums

Dry vacuums offer an effective and efficient way to clean hard surfaces such as tile and wood floors. They are typically more powerful than wet vacuums and can quickly pick up dirt and debris. Dry vacuums use suction to draw dirt and dust into a collection bag or canister, which can then be emptied and replaced as needed.

This makes them ideal for quick cleanups or larger tasks, such as vacuuming an entire home or office. Dry vacuums often come with a range of attachments, allowing users to reach tight spaces and crevices, as well as handle more challenging debris such as pet hair. Many dry vacuums are lightweight and portable, making them easy to use and transport.

Strong Suction

The DeWalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac has some of the strongest suction power on the market. Its powerful suction makes it an ideal tool for a variety of applications, including cleaning up wet and dry messes in garages, workshops, and other areas. The robust suction is great for deep cleanups that require maximum efficiency. Here are its top features:

Powerful Suction: This vacuum offers strong suction power to ensure effective cleanup jobs. It’s able to suck up both wet and dry debris with ease.

Deep Cleaning Ability: With its powerful suction and large capacity tank, this model can handle deep cleanings without any problem. You’ll be able to easily get rid of dirt and grime from hard-to-reach places in no time at all.

Robust Design: This vacuum boasts a robust design that provides reliable performance even under heavy use. Its durable construction ensures long-term reliability so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

The DeWalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac may not be the cheapest option out there but it definitely delivers when it comes to providing excellent suction power for tough cleaning tasks. Whether you’re tackling small or large projects, this vacuum will make sure your job gets done right every single time! With these impressive features, it’s easy to see why this model is one of the best options available today. Moving onto product details.

Product Details

The DeWalt 9-gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is an essential tool for any home workshop. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and this product lives up to that promise. Below are the details of this amazing wet/dry vac listed in a table format with comparison points:

Product Features6 horsepower motor; 5 foot hose; 2 extension wands; 1 crevice nozzle; locking latch handle20 x 21 x 24 inches (LxWxH); 19 pounds
Accessories IncludedFilter bag; foam sleeveN/A

This wet-dry vac offers great power output thanks to its 6-horsepower motor. To make cleaning easy and convenient, it also comes with a 5ft long hose and two extension wands that can reach tight spaces and corners. A crevice nozzle is included as well, perfect for getting dirt out from hard-to-reach places like vents or between furniture pieces.

It has a secure locking latch handle which makes carrying it around very easy and comfortable. The filter bag and foam sleeve allow one to capture both small particles such as dust and large debris such as nails without any hassle. All these features come packaged into dimensions of 20 x 21 x 24 inches (LxWxH) while weighing only 19 pounds, making it super portable yet powerful at the same time!

Dry Debris Capacity

The DeWalt 9-Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac offers a remarkable dry debris collection capacity. This vac is designed to collect even large particles, like sawdust and wood chips, with ease. Its easy-to-empty dustpan allows for quick disposal of the collected materials. The dry waste capacity is also impressive – it can hold up to 8 gallons of material at once, enough to handle any job!

The many features that make this vacuum ideal for tackling larger jobs include its wide nozzle opening and powerful suction power which help ensure thorough cleaning and efficient debris collection. Additionally, the sturdy construction prevents dirt from spilling out during transport. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your workspace becoming messier than before after using this vac.

Overall, the DeWalt 9 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac has an impressive dry debris capacity that makes it great for collecting large amounts of debris quickly and efficiently. It’s no wonder why so many customers are giving this product glowing reviews! And with its smooth swiveling construction, mobility won’t be a problem either when you’re ready to switch locations or clean hard-to-reach areas.

Smooth Swiveling Construction

The Smooth Swiveling Construction of the DeWalt 9-gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is one of its best features. This construction allows for smooth mobility, making it easy to transport and maneuver around tight spaces or corners. The swivel design also ensures that you are able to reach every nook and cranny with ease. Additionally, smooth mobility means that vacuuming large areas can be done quickly and without any hassle.

The construction of this wet-dry vac is designed in such a way that it provides maximum suction power while still being lightweight enough to move around easily. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic handle which makes carrying it comfortable even when filled up. With these features combined, the DeWalt 9-gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac offers great convenience for anyone looking for portability and efficiency in their vacuums.

Finally, what sets this vacuum apart from others is the length of power cord extension cords; at 25 feet long they provide ample coverage area so users don’t have to constantly switch outlets as they clean larger rooms or spaces.

With all these features combined, the DeWalt 9-gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac offers excellent performance along with maximum comfort and convenience during use. An ideal choice for those who want an efficient yet portable vacuum cleaner!

Feature 3: Power Cord and Cord Wrap

This feature is especially useful for people who need to use their vacuum cleaners in different locations or who have limited storage space. The power cord on the vacuum cleaner can be wrapped up and tucked away in the cord wrap, making it easier to store the vacuum cleaner and move it around. This is especially helpful for people who have to move their vacuum cleaners from one place to another. The cord wrap also prevents the cord from becoming tangled or damaged, making it easier to use and maintain.

Length Of The Power Cord Extension Cords

The length of the power cord extension cords for the Dewalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac is an important feature to consider. It allows you to reach further distances with your vacuum, making cleaning larger areas even more convenient. Here’s a closer look at what buyers need to know about this particular model:

Power Cord Extension Length

  • Cord Length Without Extension Cords: The original power cord without any extensions measures 25 feet in total, giving users plenty of room to move around while they clean.
  • Extension Cord Length Options: For reaching farther distances, there are two different 12-foot options that can be used as a single cord or combined together into one 24-foot length. This gives users up to 49 feet in overall distance coverage when using both extension cords.

Length of Cord and Its Impact on Performance
When it comes to performance, the longer cord does not seem to have much impact either way on how well the vacuum works. In fact, customers report being just as impressed by the suction power from their vacuums regardless if they were using all 49 feet or only 25 feet with no extensions. This means that users don’t necessarily have to use all available lengths in order for them to get optimal results from their devices.

Overall, it’s safe to say that those looking for a powerful yet portable wet/dry vacuum will appreciate having such a long maximum cord length option with the Dewalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac so they won’t have to worry about finding extra outlets along the way during bigger jobs. With these factors taken into consideration, the compatibility features of the cord should also be evaluated before deciding which product is right for you.

Compatibility Features Of The Cord

The DeWalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac is a powerful and versatile unit with many features. One of its top features is compatibility with cord extensions, allowing it to be used in even the tightest spaces. Not only does this give users more flexibility when choosing where to clean up messes, but also helps ensure that no dust or debris gets left behind.

This cord extension feature also makes it compatible with a variety of accessories, from crevice tools and floor brushes to shopping vacuum attachments and car detailing kits. This means that you can use your DeWalt wet/dry vac for any job around the house or garage without having to worry about whether or not it will fit your needs.

In addition, the power cord on this model has been designed specifically to provide maximum durability and performance. It’s made of heavy-duty material that resists wear and tear and offers an impressive 20 feet of length so you can easily reach all corners of your home or workspace while cleaning. With these features combined, the DeWalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac really stands out as one of the most reliable models on the market today.

The next step in evaluating this product is looking at its wrap switch with a water lock system which keeps moisture away from electrical components for added safety.

Wrap Switch With Water Lock System

The Wrap Switch with Water Lock System on the DeWalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac is like a diamond in the rough. Its system features include an easy operation mode that allows you to quickly switch from wet to dry cleaning and back again, as well as a safety lock for extra protection when not in use.

This wrap-switch provides an added layer of security by preventing any water from leaking out during transportation. It also has an adjustable control knob so you can adjust the amount of suction power used depending on your needs. Moreover, it has a warning indicator light that alerts you when the filter gets blocked or clogged up with debris so you know when it’s time to empty it out.

This feature makes using this vacuum cleaner effortless and convenient while keeping everything safe and sound. The Wrap Switch with Water Lock System ensures that no liquid messes are created during operation, making it one of the top 5 features of this product. It’s just another way that DeWalt shows its commitment to creating quality products designed to make life easier for users everywhere.

With the press of a button, all liquids are safely drained away without having to worry about spilling anything outside of the vacuum’s designated area. Smooth sailing from start to finish – what more could you want?

Easy To Install And Remove From Vacuum Cleaner

The DeWalt 9-Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is designed for easy installation and removal from the vacuum cleaner. With no tools required, it’s a quick and simple process that can be done with one hand. The unit features a quick-release latch to allow you to attach or detach the vac in an instant. All it takes is a few seconds to get the job done! Plus, the stainless steel construction ensures this model will stay strong over time.

It also includes an ergonomic handle for added comfort when carrying the vac around your workspace or home. This makes transporting the device much easier than most traditional models on the market today. Additionally, its lightweight design allows for effortless maneuverability between spaces. Overall, these convenient features make setup and takedown of the wet-dry vac nearly effortless!

Overall, this product provides all the essential features necessary for optimal performance without sacrificing convenience. Whether you’re using it at work or around your home, you won’t have any trouble getting up and running quickly thanks to its easy-to-install design. Moving forward seamlessly, let’s take a closer look at some of its powerful blower functions…

Feature 4: Built-in Blower Port

The Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is equipped with a built-in blower port, allowing users to easily convert the vacuum into a powerful blower. This feature is great for clearing out small, hard-to-reach places, such as vents, crevices, and tight corners. With the built-in blower port, you can easily blast debris away from almost any surface, making it perfect for a variety of tasks. Plus, you can rest assured that the powerful suction and blower performance of the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac will help you tackle any mess with ease.

Powerful Blower Functions

The DeWalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is equipped with powerful blower functions that offer a great range of power capacity. The variable speed control on the blower allows users to customize their cleaning according to their needs and make it as efficient as possible.

This vac’s noise reduction feature ensures a quiet operation while using its high-velocity blower, allowing you to tackle any job quickly and efficiently without creating too much of an annoyance or disturbance in your workspace. Additionally, the large airflow capacity offers more suction than other models, enabling you to complete tasks faster and easier.

Overall, this vacuum has some impressive features when it comes to its powerful blower functions. It provides excellent power capacity, adjustable speed control, noise reduction technology, and high-velocity blowers for maximum efficiency. All these factors come together to create a reliable machine that can handle even the toughest jobs with ease. Moving forward from here we look at the detachable blower which offers different uses for this versatile appliance.

Detachable Blower For Different Uses

The Dewalt 9-Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac offers a powerful blower for various tasks, but its detachable blower function allows it to be used in multiple ways. The ability to detach the blower from the main unit is an increasingly popular feature that gives users more options when using their vacuums. With over 1,100 reviews on Amazon alone and 4.6 stars out of 5, this vacuum has gained quite a bit of recognition as one of the best wet-dry vacs on the market today.

One unique benefit of having a detachable blower is the versatility it provides with different types of projects. Whether you need to clean up leaves and debris outside or blow air into tight spaces indoors, this type of vacuum can easily handle both jobs with ease.

Additionally, because you don’t have to worry about attaching any additional accessories – such as hoses or nozzles – you can save time and effort when switching between tasks. This makes it ideal for those looking for a multipurpose tool they can use around their home or workshop.

In addition to its versatile abilities, another great advantage offered by the Detachable Blower is its portability factor. You can quickly move it around your house without having to lug around heavy equipment as other traditional shop vacuums require.

Plus, its lightweight design makes carrying it from room to room easy and convenient. All these benefits make this Dewalt product stand out among its competitors in terms of usability and convenience.

The Dewalt 9-Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac also features a built-in accessory storage bag which eliminates clutter while providing quick access to all necessary attachments needed during cleaning projects – saving valuable time spent rummaging through drawers or closets for them each time you want to use your vacuum cleaner!

Built-In Accessory Storage Bag

The DeWalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac has an incredibly useful feature – a built-in accessory storage bag. This is great for storing all of the tools, attachments, and accessories you need to get your job done quickly and efficiently. It’s made of durable polyester material that won’t tear or wear out easily, so it can handle whatever you throw at it. Plus, the bag fits perfectly inside the vac, making sure everything stays neat and organized.

Another great benefit of this bag is its easy access to all your tools and supplies. You don’t have to dig through drawers or cabinets looking for what you need; simply reach into the bag and grab what you need. And when you’re finished with a task, just put everything back in the storage bag until next time.

Overall, having a built-in accessory storage bag on your vacuum makes life much easier for anyone who uses it. Not only does it keep things neat and organized but also helps reduce clutter around your workspace. All of this adds up to less stress while cleaning up messes!

Easily Operates With One Hand

Operating the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is as easy and effortless as a bird soaring through the sky. The one-hand operation makes it so simple to use that you’ll be able to focus on other tasks while vacuuming up dirt, debris, and liquids.

The single-hand functionality of this wet/dry vac means you can move around quickly with only one hand required for setup and cleaning. The lightweight design paired with its manageable size allows for easy transport from room to room or job site to job site. You don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day just to vacuum; single-hand use helps make everyday life simpler.

FeatureRatingPros & Cons
Single Hand Functionality5 StarsEasy Operation, Lightweight Design
Durability4 StarsLong Lasting Parts, Not As Powerful As Expected
Versatility5 StarsEasily Adapts To Different Surfaces, Smaller Areas Hard To Reach
Efficiency4 StarsQuick Clean-Up Time, Loud Motor Noises When In Use
Price3 Stars  Reasonable Pricing For Quality Products, Higher Than Other Models On Market  

Overall, the Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac offers an array of features perfect for any indoor or outdoor environment where messes need a quick cleanup. From home renovation projects to commercial car detailing job sites – this wet/dry vac has got you covered with its efficient operation and superior suction power. It’s also reasonably priced when compared to similar models in its class making it worth every penny spent!

Feature 5: Anti-Tipping Design

The Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac is designed with a unique anti-tipping design that is ideal for both wet and dry use. This feature offers stability and safety, as it prevents the vacuum from tipping over and potentially causing injury or damage. The anti-tipping design also ensures that the vacuuming experience is worry-free and hassle-free, as it reduces the risk of spills and mess caused by the vacuum tipping over.

Anti-Tipping Design For Stability

The Dewalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac features an anti-tipping design for stability. This unique feature ensures that the vac is durable and won’t tip over while in use. The non-skid feet provide additional support, so you can be confident that your vac will stay upright during operation. Additionally, its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around without fear of tipping or falling.

As a result, the Dewalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac provides reliable performance and long-lasting stability. Its anti-tipping design guarantees that it won’t get knocked over easily and will remain secure when in use. With this sturdy feature, you can trust that your vacuum cleaner will stay put no matter how much dust or debris it collects.

Transitioning into the next section, the Dewalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac also offers ease of maneuverability and transportability.

Easy To Maneuver And Transport

The Dewalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac is like a champion racehorse, ready to be taken out of the gate and go. It has three key features that make it easy to maneuver and transport: its portable design, its ease of movement, and its lightweight construction.

Its compact design makes it incredibly easy to move around. The vac can fit in tight corners or small spaces with no problem, allowing for maximum cleaning power in minimal space. Its handles are ergonomically designed for comfort which further adds to its portability. This also allows for better control when handling the vacuum cleaner during use or transportation.

The wheeled base makes transporting the vac an effortless task. With large wheels on each corner, it glides over hard surfaces such as tile or concrete easily, making moving from room to room a breeze.

Additionally, the weight of only twenty pounds gives great mobility without putting strain on your back or arms while carrying it upstairs or across long distances.

These factors combine into one powerful machine that you will want by your side every time you need deep cleaning power at home or away. From tackling tough messes under furniture to keeping carpets and floors clean between regular maintenance cycles, this robust powerhouse fulfills all needs with ease of use and convenience in mind!

Low-Noise Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, noise levels are an important factor. Many people prefer a quieter operation for their cleaning needs and that is where the DeWalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac really stands out.

This low-noise vacuum cleaner has sound-dampening technology built into its system which helps make it one of the quietest vacuums around. It also boasts exceptional noise-level ratings, so you can be sure that your home’s environment won’t suffer from too much loudness while in use.

The advanced filter design on this model helps keep dust particles contained and reduces any unnecessary vibrating noises during operation. The unique shape of the hose attachment allows for better suction power while still maintaining a quiet operation level. Additionally, the motor is designed with rubber mounts to further reduce vibrations and minimize any additional noise output.

For those who want to complete their cleaning tasks without disrupting anyone else in the house or workplace, then look no further than the DeWalt 9-gallon poly wet dry vac. Not only does it provide powerful suction capabilities but its innovative design makes it one of the most silent machines available today.

With this machine at your disposal, you can enjoy all of the benefits of efficient cleaning without having to worry about disturbing others in the process!


The DeWalt 9-Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac is a great product, and it’s clear why it has become so popular. Not only does this vac have incredible suction power and a reliable blower function, but its ease of movement and durable build make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to give their home a deep clean.

What really sets the DeWalt apart from other wet/dry vacs on the market is its built-in accessory storage bag and one-hand operation feature. This makes cleaning up messes quick and easy – especially when you’re in a pinch! It also ensures that all your tools are easily accessible whenever you need them.

Overall, I can confidently say that if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line wet/dry vac with modern-day convenience features – look no further than the DeWalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vac. You won’t be disappointed by its powerful performance or user-friendly design; plus, it will make tidying up after yourself like a breeze! So don’t wait – get yours today and revolutionize how you do chores at home!

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