Best Lightweight Chainsaws in 2023 – Top Pick, Reviews & Guide

A chainsaw is one of the top tools that any woodworker needs for various cutting jobs. Sometimes, handling a heavy tool can be tough and tiresome. This is why you need to get the best lightweight chainsaws for different wood cutting projects. Mini chainsaws are efficient when it comes to handling DIY and other small projects. You don’t have to go for a top-of-the-line expensive chainsaw for a simple weekend job.

While lightweight chainsaws are an excellent option for your projects, you will find several kinds on the market, making it hard to choose one.  However, we are here to simplify the whole process. Below are reviews of the top picks on the market today along with a guide and a few tips to help you select the right lightweight chainsaw for your needs.

Best Lightweight Chainsaws – Quick Table

Image Product Description Power Source Bar size Weight Engine power Price

Battery Powered

12 Inch

8.8 lbs

20 Volt
Check Price
WORX WG303.1



11 lbs

14.5 Amp
Check Price
Greenworks G-MAX

Battery Powered


10.36 lbs

40 Volt
Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Battery-Powered 10-Inch 7.2 lbs 20 Volt Check Price

Greenworks 20262



6 lbs

40 Volt
Check Price
Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Corded-Electric

12.6 lbs

15 Amp
Check Price
Sun Joe SWJ807E Corded Electric 10-inch
8.4 lbs
8.0 Amp Check Price
Husqvarna 120 Mark II
Gas Powered


9.3 lbs

38.2cc engine
Check Price

Echo CS-400

Gas Powered


10.1 lbs

40.2cc Engine
Check Price

10 Best Lightweight & Small Chainsaws – Reviews for 2022

There are many varieties of chainsaws in the market. To save you time jumping from one site to the other looking for the right one, we have reviewed 10 chainsaws with different weights. Read their reviews in detail so that you can choose the one that is suitable for your cutting needs.

1. DEWALT DCCS620B 20v max compact cordless chainsaw

 DEWALT DCCS620B 20V MAX XR Chain saw

DEWALT DCCS620B cordless chainsaw comes with a tool-free chain tensioning as well as a bar tightening knob. This means that you will not need any tools for proper tensioning of the chain, and the knob will allow you to make the right bar clamping force.

This chainsaw only weighs 8.8 pounds, and it has a compact design to allow you to have the best control over the device and great comfort. This small chainsaw is also easy to maneuver over your workpieces, thanks to its design and weight.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a low kickback 12 inch Oregon chain and bar. This makes the chainsaw a great option if you are looking to work on outdoor as well as construction cutting projects.

That’s not all, and this saw comes equipped with a brushless efficient motor. This type of motor is specially designed to increase the run time and also its lifespan. It is cordless meaning you won’t have to depend on an electrical supply to use it.

What We Liked

  • Low kickback 12-inch chain and bar
  • Ideal for outdoor and construction projects
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Bar tightening knob and tool-free chain tensioning
  • Chain speed of 25.2 ft/s
  • Cordless chainsaw

What We didn’t Like

  • You will have to buy the battery separately

2. WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw

WORX WG303.1 Corded Electric Chain saw

The best small chainsaw should be designed with the safety of the user in mind. Worx WG303.1 chainsaw comes with an in-built chain brake aimed to provide safety to the user. The chain brake will stop the chain within seconds in case of a kickback.

On top of that, this saw is perfect for beginners or casual lumberjacks looking for a quick way to get work done on the farm or yard. With its lightweight design, you can clear bushes, cut firewood, trim trees and do a lot more with ease.

Need a chainsaw that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance? Well, this unit might be a good try. It comes with an in-built oil reservoir, and it can automatically lubricate the chain with oil.

Also, the oil reservoir has a window level indicator to allow you to keep track of the oil left. The automatic tension chain system will allow the chain to remain at the right tension at all times.

What We Liked

  • Features a low kickback bar
  • Comes with a built-in chain brake
  • In-built oil reservoir with a level indicator window
  • Doesn’t require batteries to operate
  • 14.5 AMP motor output

What We didn’t Like

  • You may need to re-tension the chain manually after a while

3. Greenworks 20312 cordless chainsaw

 Greenworks  20312 G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Wouldn’t you love a chainsaw that quiet but still efficient? Well, this model will offer you that and more. With its brushless motor design, you will get 70% less noise ( as compared to gas-powered chainsaws) from vibrations as you work. This, along with its weight of 10.4 pounds, will give you the best comfort as you work.

The motor also provides a longer run time, increased power, and increased torque. This helps to keep the motor from wear and tear, thereby increasing its lifespan. Additionally, the torque is 30% more than that from other motor types, meaning you will get the best cutting performance.

Greenworks 20312 chainsaw is compatible with the Greenworks G-MAX 40v Li-ion system. The compatibility provides you with an option to select from a wide range of tools. As you work with this device, rest assured that your safety thanks to the chain brake.

The chain brake will stop the chain in seconds if there is a kickback. This cordless chainsaw comes included with a battery that is capable of powering up to 25 tools. This saw doesn’t require much maintenance thanks to the automatic oiler.

What We Liked

  • Battery included
  • Automatic oiler
  • Chain brake and low kickback chain
  • Quiet operations
  • It is lightweight

What We didn’t Like

  • The bar oil tends to leak and make a mess

4. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20v MAX cordless chainsaw

 BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER is one of the leading tool manufacturers, and they make some of the best chainsaws until now. The BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 model is no exception. It comes weighing only 7.2 pounds which lands it as one of our top lightweight chainsaws.

This model comes with quick and easy adjustments along with a tool-free chain tensioning system. This system will allow you to keep the chain at the right tension at all times without the use of any tools.

The wrap-around handle will allow the user to make cuts horizontally or vertically with ease. With the 10 inch bar and chain, you will be able to make some fast and smooth cuts on your workpieces. This model also features an oiling system that offers you quick easy and mess-free lubrication of the chain and the bar.

On top of that, you will get a 20v MAX lithium battery included with the chainsaw which will provide you with a long run time. This battery will stay charged for up to 5 times longer than other standard chainsaw batteries.

What We Liked

  • Weighs 7.2 pounds
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system
  • 10-inch bar and chain
  • Low kickback bar and chain
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Performs quietly

What We didn’t Like

  • Some users had issues with the oiler

5. Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

 Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery and Charger Included 20262

Another model from the Greenworks brand is the Greenworks 20262 12 inches cordless chainsaw. This unit comes weighing only 6 pounds, making it a comfortable unit to work with.

It powers with the G-MAX 40v lithium-ion battery which is highly powerful and offers fade-free power without memory loss once charged. This model is only compatible with the G-MAX 2.0 Ah battery as well as the G-MAX 4.0 Ah battery.

Furthermore, the chainsaw has an automatic oiler which is specially made to keep the bar and the chain lubricated at all times. This ensures that your tool stays in good condition to increase its durability.

With the translucent oil tank, you can get to monitor the oil level so that it doesn’t run out without you knowing. Its wrap-around handle will ensure that you get to cut wood and branches from all angles. The 3/8 inch chain pitch will ensure that there is little kickback as you work.

What We Liked

  • It is easy to use
  • Powerful long-life battery
  • You can trim and cut from different angles
  • Applies oil automatically to the chain and bar
  • Delivers minimal kickback

What We didn’t Like

  • Some users complained about the chain getting offer

6. Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 comes weighing 12.6 pounds which is a decent weight not to cause any fatigue as you work. What is more impressive in this unit is the power sharp sharpening system which is made for user convenience.

This system will let you sharpen your saw while on the job within seconds and then get back to work. When your saw is sharp at all times, you will get smooth and fast cuts throughout. The 18-inch guide bar will provide you with the power to handle any task you may have in your yard or farm.

The tool-free tensioning system doesn’t require any special tools to change to the right chain tension as you work. All you have to do is to turn the red knob on the chainsaw to tension the chain. It also has an in-built oiling system that will keep the chain and bar lubricated to avoid friction as you work.

As you work with this chainsaw, you will not experience noise irritations from the device. Oregon CS1500 also features a chain brake for user safety and most importantly you won’t have to assemble it as it comes pre-assembled.

What We Liked

  • It is easy to use
  • Automatically lubricate the bar and chain
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Comes with a chain brake for safety
  • Sharpening tool to keep the saw sharp

What We didn’t Like

  • The chain tends to fall off the bar at times

7. Remington RM1425 limb N trim lightweight corded chainsaw

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Lightweight best lightweight Corded Chainsaw

This is one of the most lightweight chainsaws on the market, weighing only 6.25 pounds. This model has a compact design, and you will be able to work with it with less fatigue. The chainsaw will offer you some powerful trimming with just a squeeze of the trigger.

It is an electric chainsaw with an 8 amp motor that will allow the chain to cut through small branches and other small pieces of wood. Furthermore, the limb N trim comes with an external tension adjuster that allows the user to change to the right chain tension quickly with ease.

With the push-button oiler, you will not have to make a mess oiling the chain, and it will help put the right amount of oil on the bar and chain. It also has a low kickback bar for your safety.

The handle of the saw has a wrap-around guard to protect your hand from dirt and debris. Also, this lightweight chainsaw comes when it is fully assembled, so you don’t need any tools to do so. It is easy to use because it comes with an operators’ manual.

What We Liked

  • Push-button oiler doesn’t cause a mess
  • Low kickback bar
  • External tension adjuster
  • 8 amp electric motor
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Doesn’t require assembly on arrival

What We didn’t Like

  • The chain tends to come off the bar

8. Sun Joe SWJ807E Electric Convertible Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ807E Electric Convertible Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ807E electric pole chainsaw comes with a weight of 8.4 pounds. This is a 2 in 1 tool which can convert from a chainsaw to a pole chainsaw. This chainsaw is like no other we have looked at above.

The pole chainsaw will allow you to trim and cut those hard-to-reach branches without the need for a ladder. This tool will take away the difficulty as well as the danger that comes with trimming and cutting those overgrown branches or trees.

The pole chainsaw is adjustable, and it can reach up to 15 feet overhead. Once the limbs are down, you can then convert them to the chainsaw and cut them to the sizes you desire. The chainsaw is powered by an 8 amp electric motor that will allow you to cut stubborn limbs with a thickness of 9.5 inches.

What We Liked

  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Keeps the bar and chain lubricated
  • Converts to a pole chainsaw
  • Cuts wood of 9.5 thicknesses
  • Powerful 8 amp electric motor

What We didn’t Like

  • Locking mechanism for pole chainsaw isn’t very secure

9. Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaws

Husqvarna 120 Mark II  Gas Chainsaw

This gas chainsaw weighs only 9.3 pounds, and it features a compact design meant to offer you total control over the machine as you work. It has an easy start-up design which is ideal for beginners as well as casual lumberjacks.

It is easy to maneuver, and you won’t get any fatigue as work thanks to the comfort features it has. The low kickback bar and the in-built chain brake ensure that the user is protected from accidents during operations.

What’s more, it has an exclusive X-torque engine which will minimize fuel consumption as well as gasoline emission. This makes the tool environmentally friendly.

With the simple tensioning system, you can be in the position of making quick adjustments even when you are working. The automatic oiling system provides adequate lubrication to the chain and bar for continuous use and safety.

What We Liked

  • Keeps the chain and bar lubricated
  • Easy to start and use
  • Ideal for beginners and casual lumberjacks
  • Great for use on everyday tasks around your yard
  • X-torque engine reduces gasoline emissions and fuel consumption

What We didn’t Like

  • Tends to stall when on full throttle, or when pointing upwards

10. Echo CS-400  Gas Chainsaw

 Echo CS-400 18" Gas Chainsaw

This 10.1 pounds gas chainsaw is another small chainsaw that will offer you great control and maneuverability on your projects. This model features a 40.2 cc professional-grade 2 stroke engine which will ensure that you get the best cutting performance on wood and branches. The robust 18-inch steel bar and chain are strong enough to ensure that you get to trim those stubborn limbs with ease.

It comes with a quick start pull system to ensure that you get to work on your projects within seconds. The echo CS-400 gas chainsaw is powered by fuel, and it comes included with the engine oil.

You don’t have to worry about assembling the tool because it comes pre-assembled, making it a great tool for beginners. The low kick bar will ensure that there are no accidents, thereby providing safety to the user.

What We Liked

  • Quick start system
  • Engine oil included
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Low kickback bar

What We didn’t Like

  • The warranty isn’t reliable

Things to Consider When Buying a Lightweight Chainsaw

Now that we have reviewed some of the best small chainsaws on the market today, we will now have to look at some key factors when buying one. These considerations will help you select the right lightweight chainsaw that will handle your needs accordingly. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial ones in detail below.


Chainsaws are essential tools; however, they tend to cause accidents now and then. In the US alone, they cause thousands of accidents each year. This made the tool to be placed among the most dangerous power tools. While they may be dangerous, they are still useful, and most households can’t do without them.

You must do a few things to ensure that the chainsaw of choice is safe for you to use. Go for a chainsaw that comes with safety features like a chain brake or low kick bar. That way, you will be able to avoid certain accidents.


As you continue to use your tool, it will require some special treatment to continue with effective performance. A dull chainsaw will become less effective and unsafe to use. It is essential to look for a model that will not require much maintenance.

Look for a model that comes with an oiling system always to keep the chain and bar lubricated. Also, look for one that comes with an oil level indicator so that you know when to refill the oil. Such features will assist you to keep the chainsaw in condition.


There are different types of chainsaws on the market. Each type comes with its weaknesses and strengths. Noise is one of the weaknesses of some types such as the gas-powered ones. Gas-powered chainsaws tend to be louder than electrical and battery-powered chainsaws.

If you are looking for a lightweight chainsaw that operates with the least noise, then you will have to keep away from the gas-powered saws. Look for a chainsaw that has some sound-dampening features to avoid those irritating moments as you work.

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Ease of use

This is very important, especially if you are a beginner. In case you don’t have any user experience, it is safe to go for a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to use. A chainsaw that comes with a detailed user manual will also be a good option if you are looking for one that will be easy to use.

We also suggest you go for an electric or battery-powered chainsaw because gas chainsaws are hard to determine the right ratios (the amount of fuel) to put especially if you are a beginner.

Bar length

This is another essential factor that you must never ignore. The bar length will determine the type of cutting as well as the intensity of the tasks you can handle. The bar length will also decide whether or not you can use the tool for trimming or feeling.

A smaller bar length will not be ideal for cutting through large trees and branches. On the other hand, a saw with a bar length of about 20 inches, and more will cut smoothly through logs with a larger thickness.

However, as you go for the chainsaw consider your experience before you buy a chainsaw with any bar length. Beginners can start with a smaller bar length because it is easier to manage and control. Here are some bar length sizes that you can pick.

8-14 Inch Bar length- 

8-inch chainsaws are common for many cutting jobs. They are lightweight making them easy to use and maneuver. On top of that, the saws are safe and you can cut limbs and trees with ease as well as cut smaller trees. 8-inch chainsaws are perfect for homeowners.

If you are dealing with bigger trees, then you will need to get a longer tool with more power. You can therefore get a 14-inch chainsaw if you are dealing with intense work. These saws are perfect for heavy-duty tasks like cutting large trees.

16- 20 inch bar length –

These are saws that are perfect for mid to heavy-duty cutting jobs. Unlike other smaller chainsaws, these saws are efficient and are not ideal for beginners. They are best suited for people with experience and who need to handle heavy projects. However, these saws might not be appropriate if you need to move around because they are heavy.

20- 24-inch bar length- 

These are chainsaws with long bars and this makes them suitable for any cutting job. The tools feature a strong kickback and they are best suited for woodworkers with experience. These industrial-grade chainsaws are majorly gas-powered and difficult to move around.

Working With Best LightWeight Chainsaws

Lightweight Chainsaw Safety Tips

When using a chainsaw, safety should be the number one priority. Lightweight chainsaws are capable of causing serious injuries to a user just like what heavy powerful chainsaws can do. These tools, in general, are dangerous and when you are using them you must consider taking some safety precautions to protect you and those around you.

Aside from the safety features that come on your machine, below are some of the tips you can follow to ensure that you are safe when using a chainsaw.

  • Always wear a helmet and safety goggles to protect your head and face from small sharp particles that can cause damage. You can also opt for a face shield as it will serve the same purpose.
  • To protect your hands, make sure that you always wear cut and tear-resistant long gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and chainsaw chaps.
  • Also, wear earbuds or any other hearing protection.
  • Makes sure that you hold the chainsaw with two hands instead of one to have better control over the tool.
  • When cutting branches or trimming trees that are above your shoulder, make sure you use a ladder or a pole chainsaw.
  • When cutting, do not cut using the tip of the chain as it is the center of the kickback. It can cause the chain to rotate in a backward motion which can end up injuring you.
  • Make sure that you stand on the left of the chainsaw so that you position your body away from the kickback path.

Lightweight Chainsaw Maintenance

Any tool requires special care at some point, and lightweight chainsaws are no exception. Regardless of how expensive the saw is, it will need maintenance to keep functioning properly and also to increase its durability. Below are a few tips on how you can maintain your small chainsaw.

  • After every use, use a rag or vacuum to remove debris and dust from the bar and chain.
  • You can also remove the chain to thoroughly clean the debris that can be stuck in the bar groove.
  • Wipe the chassis as well as the engine once you are sure that the tool has cooled after use.
  • Make sure to monitor the oil reservoir and refill it whenever the oil is low.
  • When using a gas chainsaw, make sure that you eradicate fuel after each use and store it away safely. You can then proceed to clean the air filter.
  • In case you have a battery-powered chainsaw, make sure that the battery is always charged after each use.
  • When storing your chainsaw, make sure that you always cover the chain and the bar with a blade cover. This will keep the chain and bar from any external elements that may damage it, and it will prevent accidental injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chainsaw kickback?

This is the sudden upward movement of the guide bar. This movement is one of the significant causes of chainsaw accidents. The best way to avoid this is by following the right cutting techniques.

How to measure bar length on a chainsaw?

The best way to measure the bar length of your chainsaw is by measuring it from the tip of the bar to the cutter, which is closest to the saw’s body.

What kind of oil is for an electric chainsaw?

Electric chainsaws are designed only to use the bar and chain lubrication oil. The other kinds of oil will only damage the oiling system.

What kind of oil does a chainsaw use?

Petroleum-based bar oil is the standard type of oil that you can use in a chainsaw. Usually, heavier bar oil is used in the summertime, and lightweight oil works well during winter.

How to avoid chainsaw kickback?

When cutting, avoid placing the tip of the chainsaw bar on the wood or anything that you are cutting. That way, you will be able to avoid the kickback.


When buying a lightweight chainsaw, consider the size of your projects and what you are going to be cutting. The above chainsaws are all from a reputable brand, and they offer quality performance depending on your experience and your projects. There is something for everyone in our top picks above, and we hope you have singled out the best lightweight chainsaws for your needs by now. 

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