Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – Are You Confused Which One To Pick

The different saw models available in the market today can be confusing. A miter saw and a circular saw vary regarding their purpose. In case you are a small workshop owner, home DIYer, or a professional, you will need one or both of these tools. Let’s clear things up especially for the beginners about a miter saw vs a circular saw

If you need to do trimming and cutting tasks at different angles, use a miter saw. The purpose of a circular saw is to make rip-cuts on materials like plywood. We will look at the features of each to help you understand more of the miter saw and circular saw.

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – Let’s Go Into Detail

Miter Saw

In case you need to make an odd angle and straight cuts on materials like wood, a miter saw is what you should go for. For home DIYer, this is the perfect saw for you since it handles fine cutting tasks. Are you ready to know about its features? Well, let’s get to it


A miter saw uses a circular blade to do its operation. The blade in high-speed rotation easily drops down on the material causing a cut. Different miter saw blade sizes can handle different material sizes.

The bigger the blade the larger the material size it cut and vice versa. Most miter saw blade sizes range from 5 to 7 inches. Some expert DIYer use much larger blade sizes than this. You can still get blades larger than 10 or 12 inches in the market.

Most miter saw blades are made of coated carbon steel material. The material makes the blades durable and also helps in easy cutting. Miter saw’s blades consist of teeth, hook angle, and kerf. Most miter saw models have around 24 to 100 blade teeth. More teeth make cutting slower but smooth.

Ease of use

When compared to circular saws, miter saws are straightforward to utilize. I mean you don’t need an expert to show you how to use a miter saw. All you need to do is the simple guideline that comes along with the miter saw after purchasing. Ease of use goes hand in hand with new users. This is because they don’t have advanced skills on how to use a saw.

A miter saw will use a laser guide to help you make the most accurate cuts. Once you clamp the cutting material, all you need is to start the miter saw slowly and you are set to begin. The laser guide will use a red line to indicate the point where you are supposed to cut through. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing even a single degree of the cutting angle.

Portability and storage

The weight of a saw will always determine its portability. Never let the size of any product convince you that it is portable. Small but heavy is not portable. When you compare the weight of miter saws with that of circular saws, miter saws are a bit heavier. This means that it becomes a bit difficult carrying a miter saw from one place to another.

miter saw vs circular saw2

When it comes to storage, you will need a bigger space to store a miter saw. They are large. By now you know what that means. In case you buy a miter and you have limited space, you might consider finding a much bigger space for its storage.

However, since its performance is quite impressive, why not invest and make space for it. If you want something that you can move around with, a miter saw might not be a great option.

Purpose and material

The purpose of a miter saw is completely different from that of a circular saw. The main purpose of a miter saw is to make precise and accurate bevels and crosscuts. You make straight cuts at an angle of 90 degrees. The miter saw will also allow you to make odd angle cuts in the range from 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

You can use a miter saw in making furniture, frames, and also decks. Therefore if you have a workshop, it is a great tool to invest in. When it comes to the material, a miter saw is usually great on cutting wood material. However, it cut still cut through non-ferrous metals and thin metal sheets. It all depends on the blade size of that specific miter saw model.


  • Miter saws make the most accurate cuts.
  • A miter saw will help in speeding up the cutting operations.
  • The miter saw will cut through even the tightest joint.
  • Using a miter saw is straightforward than circular saw utilization.
  • The miter saw ensures the safety of the user during operation.


  • A miter saw is relatively expensive.
  • It requires a bigger storage space.

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Circular Saw

You will get to categories of circular saws; corded and cordless circular saws. Each of the two categories has different models depending on other features. The main purpose of the circular saw is to make rip cuts. This means that it is capable of making extended and continuous cuts on different materials.


Just like the miter saw, a circular saw utilizes blades to make rip cuts. However, the blade size of most circular saws is smaller than that of miters saws. Circular saw models have different blade sizes.

Some have relatively larger blades while others have small size blades. In case you want to deal with tough rip cuts, a larger blade size will work out for you. Circular saws with larger blades are more powerful than those with small blades.

For experts, it’s better if you look for a wider diameter blade size in the case of a circular saw, we recommend the 7 ¼ inches blade size. That will give you enough power to rip cut through a material 3 inches thick. However, if you don’t need too deep cuts, you can always opt for a smaller blade size.


The motor type and size vary in the different circular saw models. The motor is a crucial feature in any circular saw. I mean, a circular saw is meaningless without a motor. Where will the power come from if not from the motor? A circular saw is powered by a motor. The power of the circular saw will be determined by the size and type of a motor.

If a circular saw model has a large motor this implies that it is very powerful.  To know the power of a circular saw, you have to determine its amperage. Most circular saws have motors ranging from 10 amps to 15 amps.

A circular saw with a 10 to 12 amps motor is great if you rarely use the circular saw. For frequent users, you should go for a 15 amps motor size.

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw3


As long as a machine utilizes blades during operation, the user can be prone to several risks. To ensure that the user finishes his/her tasks safe and sound, it is up to the machine to provide safety features. Circular saws are among the best in providing safety features.

A miter saw will come with a blade cover for safety purposes. On the other hand, a circular saw is not left behind. It comes with two safety features; blade brakes and blade guards.

As you can see the features are directly related to the blade. I mean the blade is one risky component in any circular saw. The blade guard will offer a barrier between the user and the blade itself. After the cutting process, this is where the blade brakes come in. the blade brakes will bring the blade motion to a stop.


Each feature of a circular saw has a part to play in its durability. From the motor to the blade. Circular saws are cheaper than miter saws. However, the price range of different circular saw models is different.

For the cheapest circular saws, you may find that they don’t last for long. When looking for durability in any circular saw, the material involved is very essential. Most circular saws are very durable.

They are built from high-quality materials. To add to the durability, their construction is also very sturdy. For example, most circular blades incorporate steel and carbide for durability.

On the motor’s part, the circular saw needs less motor maintenance. Therefore the quality of the circular saw never depreciates. Circular saws will always serve their users for a very long time.


  • You can easily carry a circular saw from one place to another.
  • Circular saws are much cheaper.
  • A circular saw will only require small storage space.
  • A circular saw is versatile; cuts different material types.
  • They are suitable for making straight cuts.


  • Not capable of cutting odd angle cuts.
  • Circular saws are less safe.

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – Which One Is Better?

Each of these two saw types is better in its way. Picking one saw type might not favor every user. Different users have different cutting needs. Therefore, you as a user should determine what you want to achieve from the saw.

From there you can easily determine whether you need a miter or a circular saw. We have discussed the purpose of a miter saw and a circular saw to make it easier for you to make the selection. The only thing remaining is to choose the miter or circular saw model that best suits your budget. These are great saws to invest in.

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