How to Cut a Piece of Wood without a Saw – Full Guide

As a practicing carpenter, I can affirm that wood cutting a skill and an art.  Many people who are into the carpentry profession adore and hold this skill dear to their hearts. My mentor will time to time remind me that an art is perfected through constant practice. This way, you are able to execute your tasks with proficiency and high precision.

That notwithstanding, the art becomes unique, and no person can replicate that art even if they copy your method. For any carpenter, it is not just mere cutting of wood. This should be done with care as the wood is a very vital component in the work of the carpenter. Any wrong cutting will automatically lead to wastage of the material and this will be reflected in low output per unit by the carpenter.

Wood cutting is mainly done with a saw which has universally been branded as the carpenters cutting tool. However, one can still undertake this activity without the use of a saw and achieve the desired results. Saws exist in different forms but the main ones are the power saw and the hand saw. If you lack any of these and wish to get your wood cut into pieces, try out these other techniques.

Sharp Knife

At times, you will visit the wood yard and get long pieces of wood that may exceed the needed lengths. The trouble comes when you have no saw but worry not. All you need to get things done is a well-sharpened knife. This is however limited to thin pieces of wood. Using your file, sharpen the knife properly.

How to Cut a Piece of Wood without a saw

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One way to cut the wood is through the slanting technique whereby you hold the wood firmly and by use of the sharp knife, you cut the wood at a slanted angle. You then trim the edges appropriately. Another way is to use the sharp knife to cut small bits of the wood from the point of cutting all-round then using your hand to snap the wood. You then use the sharp knife to trim the cuts and there you have it ready for use.

Drilling Machine and a Sharp Machete

There are certain types of wood that most carpenters use in the production of household furniture. Most of these woods are in three dimensions with the breadth being thin while the other measurements are relatively longer. In such cases, the carpenter can easily and quickly get the desired pieces of cuts even without relying on a saw. How? All you need is a drilling machine and a sharp machete to get you going.

How to Cut a Piece of Wood without a Saw - Drilling Machine

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How to Cut a Piece of Wood without a Saw - Machete

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Using the drilling machine, make several perforations on a straight line on the wood. Repeat this until the perforations lead to weakening and finally break off the wood along the line of perforations. Use the sharp machete to trim the wood edges and again, there you have your pieces of wood cut ready for use.

Sharp Machete

This technique mainly applies when the carpenter is in need of acquiring raw thin wood from the forests. Well, a saw is not a must for one to get a good cut of raw wood. A well-sharpened machete will do equally a good job. Begin by identifying the point at which you need to get the cut from. Mark the point by use of a clear line around the wood. You then use you sharp machete to cut small bits of the wood along the mark all-round the wood at a slanted position.

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This should be repeated on both sides of the marked line. Repeat the entire procedure till the wood eventually breaks by itself. Use your sharp machete to trim the edges of the wood so as to have smooth edges. You may repeat this procedure to get as many cuts of wood as possible or as desired. So do not limit yourself to the use of the saw to get woodcuts.

Sharp Axe

In an event that you require to get raw wood from the forest of much higher thickness and you have no saw at your dispensation, worry not! A perfectly sharpened axe will give you equally good cuts of wood though the process may be tiresome and time-consuming. You first commence by marking a clear line around the wood along the point where you intend to get your cut from. Once this is said and done, use you sharp axe to cut small bits of the wood few inches from the marked line.

How to Cut a Piece of Wood without a Saw - Axe

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Do this continuous till you go round the wood. Now shift your focus to the other side of the marked line and do the same. Go on doing this over and over again till the wood is weak enough to break by itself. Once the wood is down, use your axe to trim the edges or you may use a machete for better precision. In case you need for woodcuts from the same wood, repeat the procedure above and you will have finely cut pieces of wood without the use of a saw.

Final Words

We should always be innovative and creative in our day to day activities so as to counter any challenges that may come. The fact that you cannot secure a saw does not entirely mean you cannot get woodcuts from a large piece of wood. All you need to do is open your eyes wider to see other equipment within your reach and figure out how well you can utilize them to get the task at hand done.

 The methods described above are just but a sample of several ways we can get woodcuts without the help of any saw. Though some may be limited to specific types of wood, the cutting is finely done and no one may notice that you never used a saw until you notify them. As a matter of fact, the various tools and equipment in our store can serve several purposes besides the branded ones. 

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