DEWALT DW717 Review: Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Just about every experienced woodworker knows about the Dewalt brand. It has earned quite a lofty reputation for quality and durability. That’s the kind of reputation brand gets when they keep producing top-notch tools like the DW717. This 10-inch miter saw is terrific, and you can use it for many kinds of miter cutting and crosscutting applications. Read Dewalt DW717 reviews below.

DEWALT DW717 Review

Quick and Accurate Miter Cuts

The DW717 is equipped with a 15-amp motor that gets the 10-inch blade spinning at 4,000 rpm. That makes it great for cutting framing and molding. The miter detent plate comes with 11 positive stops, but there’s also a detent override so you can get a miter setting without settling on any of the miter detents. The cam-lock miter handle is easy to adjust to get the precise angle you want very quickly. This saw miters to the left up to 60 degrees and to the right by 52 degrees.

Simple and Quick Bevel Cuts

You can get bevel cuts up to 48 degrees, and the saw tilts to both the left and right. This means you can just the let workpiece stay in place if you want to make an opposing bevel cut. You also have several bevel stops to choose from, so adjusting to the bevel angle you want is fast and simple.

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Workpiece Capacity

With this miter saw, you have a back fence design that lets you make 45-degree bevel cuts through 2 by 14-inch lumber. The tall fence accommodates 6.25-inch crown molding nested vertically and 6-inch base molding set against the fence. When you switch to bevel cuts, you can just slide the fence out of the way. This saw uses dual horizontal steel rails so it’s compact. It comes with linear ball bearings and a special clamping system so that you get a lot of accuracy and durability.


This is very compact, and it’s no trouble to transport because it only weighs 51 pounds. There’s also a handy carry handle built in. You can just lift it up to move it around.

What we liked
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • The cuts are dependably accurate.
  • It’s reasonably portable.
  • Comes with cam-lock miter handle
  • Provides up to 11 positive stops.
  • 4000 RPM for 10  inch blade.
  • 15-amp motor power
What we didn't like
  • The dust collection system is just plain bad.
  • The stock blade is mediocre.


Question. What’s the warranty?
Answer. There’s a limited warranty for 3 years. There’s also a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Quetion. How many bevel presets are featured?
You have 7 different bevel presets for crown on both the left and right side.

Final Verdict

The middling stock blade and the flawed collection system are very common deficiencies especially among premium brands. But in all other areas, the DW717 is truly superior.

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