Best Sealer For Outdoor Travertine Pavers – Ultimate Buying Guide [2022]

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It has been used in construction and architecture for thousands of years. Travertine is a natural stone that is in many colors. Also available in several colors, it's easy to integrate into beautiful patios or vibrantly colored walls with no effort.

If travertine is not properly cared for, it may develop stains and other issues over time because of its lack of natural protection against water damage.

The good news is that there are sealers on the market today that will give this protection while also complementing your travertine surfaces!

The purpose of this post is to discuss the finest sealer for outdoor travertine pavers currently available on the market.

Best Sealer For Outdoor Travertine Pavers
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Comparison Chart for Best Sealer For Outdoor Travertine Pavers

To locate the best Sealer For Outdoor Travertine Pavers, we sifted through many customer reviews that were accessible online. Hopefully, the recommendations provided by our specialists in this post will assist you in making the best decision.

11 Gal. DOMINATOR Stone+ Gloss Clear Acrylic Sealer - Satin Finish Stone Sealer9.6View On Amazon
2Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer Provides Durable Gloss and Protection to: Slate9.6View On Amazon
3Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner: Concentrated Deep Cleaner9.6View On Amazon
4Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Sealer9.4View On Amazon
5Granite Gold Water-Based Sealing to Preserve and Protect Granite9.4View On Amazon
6Ultra Dry 70 - Stone Sealer for Travertine Limestone Marble and Granite - Natural Look (Gallon)9.2View On Amazon
7Black Diamond Stoneworks NEX-GEN Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer: Seals & Protects; Granite9View On Amazon
8Black Diamond Stoneworks Limestone and Travertine Floor Cleaner: Natural Stone8.4View On Amazon
9Miracle Sealants LTSS6QT Limestone & Travertine Stone Soap Cleaners8.4View On Amazon
10Color Enhancer Sealer for All-Natural Stone and Pavers. Marble8.2View On Amazon

1. 1 Gal. DOMINATOR Stone+ Gloss Clear Acrylic Sealer - Satin Finish Stone Sealer

  • COLD WEATHER WARNING: Do not apply if surface temperature is expected to be below 50° for 48 hours before & after application.
  • PROTECTS against oil stains and other spills while providing the ultimate UV protection on surfaces including concrete pavers and decorative concrete.
  • Breathe easy when applying DOMINATOR STONE+ sealer due to NO HARSH ODOR and LOW VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as so many reviews have noted.
  • Your money goes farther with this product! AMAZING COVERAGE RATE of 200 – 800 square feet per gallon (typically one coat), delivering long lasting protection.
  • EASY spray on application using our included Quick Start Guide and available How To Videos.

2. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer Provides Durable Gloss and Protection to: Slate

  • BEAUTIFUL GLOSS SEALER Works on exposed aggregate, stamped, colored or decorative surfaces
  • SPRAY, BRUSH OR ROLL on concrete, pavers, slate, driveways, garage floors, patios, masonry, brick
  • WATER BASED SEALER VOC compliant, Easy to Maintain 100% Money Back Guarantee- Made in USA

3. Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner: Concentrated Deep Cleaner

  • Safe deep cleaning for all polished and honed natural stone & tile surfaces
  • Deep cleans without harsh abrasives, alkali, acid, or petroleum solvents
  • Super strong but safe! 32 oz concentrate makes 8 gallons
  • Works on Brick, limestone, Travertine, Concrete, Slate, Granite, Marble and Grout

4. Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Sealer

  • For use inside or out on a variety of surfaces including sanded grout, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glazed tile, stucco, travertine, marble, slate, granite, terrazzo and more to protect against water, stains and slippage.
  • Formula is oil and water resistant that creates an invisible barrier for protection
  • Covers up to 1,000 square feet per quart
  • Offers superior coverage, formulated to provide stain protection that is UV transparent and resists weather elements.
  • Easy application and will not yellow, safe to use around food prep areas

5. Granite Gold Water-Based Sealing to Preserve and Protect Granite

  • Natural Stone Countertop Sealer: This easy-to-apply spray-and-wipe sealer creates a barrier to protect granite, marble and all other natural stone surfaces against stains, etches and soil build-up.
  • Maximum Surface Protection: Formulated for granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, grout, colored grout and all natural stone; Use with Granite Gold Daily Cleaner before sealing; enhance shine and luster after sealing with Granite Gold Polish.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: This product comes in an easy to apply spray-and-wipe formula that’s pH balanced and safe for food-preparation surfaces with no strong or harmful odors and no phosphates or ammonia.
  • Try Them All: We make it easy for you to clean and protect your natural stone surfaces including kitchen countertops, floors, and bathroom vanities; Try our Daily Cleaner, Sealer, Polish, Grout Cleaner and more.
  • Stone Care Experts: Our products were created by a third-generation family of stone care experts and made in the USA, that’s why we’re the number one family brand of stone care products.

6. Ultra Dry 70 – Stone Sealer for Travertine Limestone Marble and Granite – Natural Look (Gallon)

  • Maximum stain protection for natural stone marble granite limestone & travertine
  • Advanced formula to seal and protect your stone without changing its natural look
  • Provides maximum stain and water protection including salt water
  • Easy to use and Water-based safe for food areas
  • With Stella Sealants, customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

7. Black Diamond Stoneworks NEX-GEN Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer: Seals & Protects; Granite

  • EASY TO USE GRANITE SEALER Long Lasting Protection- Professional Results Spray it on and wipe it up!
  • PROTECTS YOUR GRANITE against oil, coffee, food, wine, grease, ink and germs
  • NON-TOXIC, NON –CORROSIVE IMPREGNATOR Designed, Tested and USED by stone care professionals SAFE FOR FOOD CONTACT, Water-Based Can be used interior or exterior.
  • LOW ODOR SEALER FOR GRANITE, stone, concrete, grout and concrete.

8. Black Diamond Stoneworks Limestone and Travertine Floor Cleaner: Natural Stone

  • REGULAR USE WILL ENHANCE your stone’s natural beauty, making colors more vivid.
  • WORKS GREAT ON POLISHED CONCRETE. Honed, tumbled and all porous surfaces.
  • PH NEUTRAL, BIODEGRADABLE will clean and protect your stone surfaces.
  • ONLY 4 OZ PER GALLON of water-Designed, tested and used by stone care professionals.
  • NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS- Safe for use around pets, children and the environment. fresh scent.

9. Miracle Sealants LTSS6QT Limestone & Travertine Stone Soap Cleaners

  • Ideal for cleaning and maintaining honed & textured limestone, honed terrazzo, honed & textured marble.
  • No rinse, non-toxic formula designed to clean and protect
  • Covers up to 1, 750 square feet per gallon with recommended dilution ratios
  • Environmentally safe, easy to use, biodegradable solution nourishes and deepens natural Color and Patina.
  • Hides scratches and etch marks with no build up

10. Color Enhancer Sealer for All-Natural Stone and Pavers. Marble

  • HIGHLIGHT AND DARKEN the natural beauty and character of unsealed surfaces.
  • REJUVENATES THE COLOR and improves the appearance of weathered surfaces.
  • LONG LASTING, easy to apply, and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  • HELPS SEALS OUT WATER but allows moisture vapor transmission.
  • ALWAYS TEST FIRST made in the U.S.A.

Sealer For Outdoor Travertine Pavers Buyer's Guide


Using a sealer makes it possible to get a more natural appearance. It will retain its original appearance after drying. Types that are topically sealed have a lustrous finish. Various surfaces such as brick, clay tiles, and travertine may benefit from using the finest travertine sealers on hand.


If you want to have the least influence on the environment, select a sealant that can be removed with a dry cloth or mop. Eco-friendly travertine sealers do not include any toxic elements and so contribute to environmental protection.

Know your Surface

Some travertine sealers may be used on a variety of different surfaces. The specificity of some is greater than that of others. For example, select a product that is less suited for blanket surfaces and more suited for a tile or travertine countertop.

If you have a travertine patio or pool area, your sealer must be marine-grade and seal any porous tile seams to prevent water from entering.

In addition, choose a heavy-duty sealer that is not only fantastic for the kitchen but can also clean grout or not be used outside for sealing travertine or for sealing brick or tiles.

Increasing Durability

Sealants are intended to extend the life of the stone while also protecting it from the elements, including water, acids, and other potentially harmful chemicals. These coatings assist in preventing the stone from rusting and wearing away and keeping it protected from water and acid.


Stone sealers bring out the inherent hues of stones without causing them to gleam. They protect against the use of alcoholic beverages, and premium types may also protect petroleum consumption.

Weather Protection

If you live in a cold climate, untreated travertine might be harmed by ice and snow due to the freeze and thaw cycles. When combined with dust and sand in stone, this water can ultimately produce a mud puddle, developing fissures on the stone's surface.

Sealers prevent settling in masonry, which may damage the walls, therefore preventing them from settling in the first place.

Protection Against Acidic Things

This naturally occurring stone is composed nearly entirely of calcium salts and contains chemicals that react well with the acidic elements of nature. Travertine is a kind of marble.

Even the most innocent products, such as fruit juices and drinks, are susceptible to contamination, resulting in long-lasting discoloration of the products.

A sealer prevents this liquid from developing within it, and it can be cleaned in a single sweep once it has been applied.

Strong and Lasting

Sealing aids in the improvement of corrosion resistance while maintaining high levels of lifespan. When used in heavy traffic areas, these sealants protect travertine from corrosion.

They are in charge of extending the life of the stone by a significant amount. High-quality sealing materials will provide the most dependable results available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of sealing a Travertine Stone?

Travertine is a naturally porous stone that must be sealed to maintain its natural beauty and durability. Sealing your stone ensures that you will not lose the qualities that first drew you to it. A sealer serves as a physical barrier between the granite and any possible stains that may occur.

Sealing the stone means not absorbing liquids and will not get permanently discolored.

Is it necessary to seal Travertine tiles at certain times of the year?

Tile sealing is simple and should be done throughout the building process as well as on a regular basis thereafter. Hard chemicals, for example, might cause sealants to prematurely wear away.

What is the difference between Enhancing Sealers and Natural Sealers?

Depending on your particular choice, you may seal your travertine tiles with either an Enhancing or a Natural sealer. Natural Sealers are more rubbery in texture while Enhancing Sealers are more flexible.

Is it possible to make my floor stronger and more resilient by sealing it?

Sealing your travertine floor is indeed the greatest approach to safeguard it. It will help reinforce and protect your floor from stains, water damage, scratches, and other damages.

Do I need to seal my Travertine pavers on a regular basis?

Every six months to a year, it is advised that you treat your travertine flooring with a quality sealant. On the other hand, many individuals choose to seal-seal and recoat the surface once or twice a year to maintain the original white luster.

The Last Words

Overall, the best technique to seal travertine is with a proper sealer, which gives great protection against wear and tear, stains from dirt and water, and other deteriorating factors.

Because the sealant must be applied uniformly, it is best to use a paintbrush to apply the sealer. It is also recommended that the sealer be used to improve the appearance of your property.

Our sincere goal is that this blog article has provided you with some useful information regarding the finest Travertine Sealer to use on your travertine flooring.

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