Best Chrome Paint For Plastic – Ultimate Buying Guide [2022]

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Chrome is well recognized for imparting a stunning, gorgeous, and shining finish to various surfaces. It is possible to apply chrome paint for plastic on any surface of your choosing. This paint may improve the appearance of your surface by imparting a whole new metallic sheen to it.

This gorgeous surface transformation may be completed without using any complex instruments. This tutorial will cover the best chrome paint for plastic currently available on the market and how to apply your chosen chrome paint for plastic.

Best Chrome Paint For Plastic
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Comparison Chart for Best Chrome Paint For Plastic

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1Testor's 1290T 3 Oz Chrome Gloss Spray Enamel9.8View On Amazon
2Ultimate Mirror Chrome Airbrush Paint 2oz9.6View On Amazon
3Rust-Oleum 7718830 Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray Paint9.6View On Amazon
4Dupli-Color ECS101007 Chrome Instant Enamel Spray - 11 oz9.6View On Amazon
5Krylon KSCB004 Short Cuts Brush-On Paint9.2View On Amazon
6Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint Resembles Actual Plating9View On Amazon
7MOLOTOW Liquid Chrome Alcohol Paint Pump Marker9View On Amazon
8MOLOTOW Liquid Chrome Alcohol Paint Pump Marker8.6View On Amazon
9Tamiya America, Inc Acrylic X11 Gloss8.6View On Amazon
10Inline Tube Chrome Paint Pen for Restoring Chrome Bezels and Dash Inserts8.4View On Amazon

1. Testor’s 1290T 3 Oz Chrome Gloss Spray Enamel


2. Ultimate Mirror Chrome Airbrush Paint 2oz

  • Vivid Colors
  • Flexible Formula
  • High quality lasting finish
  • Package dimensions: 1.5″ L x 1.5″ W x 4.5″ H

3. Rust-Oleum 7718830 Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray Paint

  • Ideal for creating a shiny metallic finish on any interior metal, wood, concrete or masonry projects
  • Paint features excellent chip resistance and color retention will keep your projects looking good over time.
  • Dries to the touch or handle in 60 minutes for quick project completion
  • Tough, attractive finish will not fade or dull when used indoors
  • Classic, elegant finish is great for painting accent pieces

4. Dupli-Color ECS101007 Chrome Instant Enamel Spray – 11 oz

  • Package Dimensions: 6.35 H x 19.812 L x 6.35 W (centimetres)
  • Fit type: Universal
  • Package Weight: 0.249 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : United States

5. Krylon KSCB004 Short Cuts Brush-On Paint

  • The product is OZ chrome Enamel Paint
  • Elegant and smooth finish
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Model number: KSCB004

6. Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint Resembles Actual Plating

  • METALLIC FINISH SPRAY PAINT – Embrace a sleek, metallic look for craft and DIY projects with Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint.
  • DEEP, LUSTROUS FINISH – With a very smooth, high gloss finish, this metallic craft spray paint resembles actual metallic plating.
  • CHROME METALLIC SPRAY PAINT – A metallic accent steps up any room’s style, and is the perfect finishing touch to seasonal décor items and more.
  • FAST DRY – The perfect addition to your craft supplies, this craft paint spray makes it easy to get a high quality metallic finish without breaking the bank.
  • AMERICA’S FIRST SPRAY COATING – Krylon spray paint has been trusted by consumers since 1947.
  • HOLIDAY CRAFT SUPPLIES – Metallic spray paint adds the perfect hint of shimmer to your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or favorite craft.
  • Highest quality metallic finish
  • Deep, lustrous finish
  • Resembles actual plating
  • Very smooth, high gloss finish
  • Fast drying, acid free

7. MOLOTOW Liquid Chrome Alcohol Paint Pump Marker

  • Create high-gloss mirrored effects on nearly any surface
  • To achieve the best mirror effect, apply to a smooth and non-absorbent surface – like glass or plastic.
  • Flowmaster pump marker system has patented capillary technology
  • Made in Germany
  • Acrylic-based hybrid paint is UV and weather-resistant for highest opacity

8. MOLOTOW Liquid Chrome Alcohol Paint Pump Marker

  • Create high-gloss mirrored effects on nearly any surface
  • To achieve the best mirror effect, apply to a smooth and non-absorbent surface – like glass or plastic.
  • Flowmaster pump marker system has patented capillary technology
  • Made in Germany
  • Acrylic-based hybrid paint is UV and weather-resistant for highest opacity

9. Tamiya America, Inc Acrylic X11 Gloss

  • Ages: 8+
  • Tamiya P/N: 81011

10. Inline Tube Chrome Paint Pen for Restoring Chrome Bezels and Dash Inserts

  • Used to restore chrome edges of dash inserts or bezels
  • Dash Bezel Chrome Paint Pen
  • It is a chrome paint pen that is used to touch up thin plastic chrome plated edges
  • The tip can be taken out and cleaned in thinner and used over and over again

Chrome Paint For Plastic Buying Guide

As a result of a large number of various kinds of chrome spray paint available, the process of selecting the most appropriate one may seem daunting. However, if you know the most significant characteristics to search for in chrome paint sprayers, the process may be simpler. Purchase a paint that will make your final things stand out from the rest of the items in your house. The following summarizes some of the items to think about when purchasing chrome spray paint.


If you're going to use chrome spray paint, be sure you select a product that will last for a long time. Chip resistance is a property of chrome spray paint that is very durable, and it helps the paint last for a longer period. The finest chrome spray paint should also be scratch-resistant to be considered the best. If you do not intend to use the paint for any heavy-duty applications, you can save time and money by purchasing a multi-purpose paint that is hassle-free.


The majority of the finest chrome spray paints are pre-primed, which means they already have a primer in them. The adhesive characteristics of the paint will be improved as a result of the primer. Alternatively, if the paint you choose already includes a primer, you will not have to worry about sanding the surface first. On the other hand, this selection is dependent on the sort of paint used. There are many surfaces on which you may use a paint that has previously been primed, as shown in the following list.

Drying Time

In most cases, the drying time for chrome paint is somewhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours. However, due to the aerosol spray can, certain paints dry in a very short period. To figure out how long it will take to finish the project, you need to do research first. If you are painting a lot, you should also think about this.


Ensure that the new quantity of paint you purchase will be sufficient to cover the whole job without any difficulties, rather than being too cautious. Buy enough chrome paint so that you don't run out halfway through. You should look at the product labels to see if the number of square feet on the spray can is enough for your project. This way, you won't mess up your project when the paint is done, but you don't cover the whole surface.

Metallic/Mirror Chrome Spray Paint

If you're looking for a silvery, smooth gloss, matte silver chrome spray paint is the way to go. Afterward, your chrome surface will be given a more traditional appearance. Alternatively, if you want the authentic hard chrome appearance and feel, you may use a gloss finish spray to get this effect. That is why, when you are selecting the appropriate chrome spray paint; you have two choices: shiny Chrome Spray Paint and mirror Chrome Spray Paint.

It has a typical sheen and a specific amount of glossiness, which is characteristic of metallic chrome spray paint. As a result, it cannot achieve a deep, very polished surface. The mirror chrome spray paint, on the other hand, will provide you with a high-gloss finish as well as an incredible surface reflection.

Understanding Chrome Paint

Like many other types of paint, Chrome paint may be used both inside and outside, depending on the conditions. Even though this paint has a stunning metallic sheen, it does not have the same qualities as genuine chrome. This is because chrome paint is no different from any other colored spray paint in that it leaves a glossy and bright silver finish on the surface it is applied on. The silver included in this paint is only visible at the very top of the paint.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Chrome be Restored?

Yes, it is achievable; however, you must ensure that the surface has been completely cleaned beforehand. Before applying the chrome paint, allow the surface to cure fully before touching it. The paint will bring the surface back to life, giving it a completely new, gleaming appearance. To get the most spectacular effects, use many layers of paint. As a protective layer, you may want to consider using a clear coat.

Is it possible to use chrome spray paint on the rims?

If you want your rims to sparkle, you may use chrome spray paint to get this effect. The paint adheres well when applied to the rim surfaces, creating an entirely different, glossy look.

Is it necessary to apply a clear coat over the paint?

Whether or not to apply a clear coat over the chrome paint is entirely up to you and your tastes. On the other hand, a clear coat offers the benefit of preserving your surface from damage while also keeping the surface bright for a longer period.

Is it necessary to sand down plastic before spray painting it?

Before spray painting, the plastic surface, lightly sanding it down to remove any rough edges is usually a good idea. Alternatively, if the plastic is glossy and smooth to the touch, softly sand the surface with extremely fine-grit sandpaper to breathe new life into it. Continue to do so until the plastic begins to have a little rough feel. This will provide a surface on which the primer and paint may adhere.

Is it necessary to prep a plastic model before to painting it?

Yes. Before painting over a plastic surface, it is usually a good idea to prime it beforehand. There will be less flaking and chipping since the paint will cling to a better surface due to this procedure.

Is it possible to put metal spray paint on plastic?

Yes. The majority of spray paints are designed to be effective on a wide variety of surfaces. For example, most automotive touch-up spray paints are effective on metal and plastic surfaces. However, keep in mind that the preparation necessary before painting will most likely change depending on whether the surface is made of metal or plastic.

The Last Words

We will identify our top option for the finest chrome spray paint for plastic at the end of this post. Following extensive deliberation and evaluation, we have determined that Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint is the best overall choice.

A wide range of surfaces may be treated with this spray, which leaves a deep shiny chrome finish and dries rapidly once applied. Furthermore, it is devoid of lead and does not deplete the ozone layer's protective layer.

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