How to Pick the Best Miter Saw Blades for 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Looking to buy the best miter saw blade for your woodcutting projects? Your best bet is to pick among these top 5 options.When miter saws first came out, they weren’t really all that good.

That’s why professionals and DIYers who prioritized accuracy over portability weren’t all that taken with them.

Nowadays the quality of premium miter saw blades is terrific. The only problem is that often the saw blades that come with these models aren’t all that great.

That’s why after buying an excellent miter saw, most people follow it up by buying the best miter saw blade for their saw.

Admittedly, it’s not that easy to pick the best blade among so many options. In fact, some folks just make sure that it comes in the right size (whether 10-inch or 12-inch) for the miter saw.

That’s because there are too many factors to consider, and even professionals can get a bit confused. So to help you out, here are some excellent options you can pick from so you can get to work with your miter saw right away.

 Recommended Best Miter Saw Blades Reviews

Amana Tool A.G.E. Series MD8-606TB Thin Kerf

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This blade measures 8.5 inches, so it’s designed for smaller sliding compound miter saws.

It’s another fine example of German engineering and manufacture. You don’t have to worry about build quality, since it’s not made in a country where cost-cutting is more important than the quality of the product.

With this blade, you can expect a terrific finish whether you’re working on soft or hard wood materials.

With the 60 teeth on the blade, you can make finer cuts, and it’s ideal for making crosscuts on natural wood. It’s an ATB (alternate top bevel) blade, so it’s great extra-fine crosscutting for solid wood.

But you can also use it for crosscutting and rip cutting on manmade materials like medium-density fiberboard and plywood, which usually don’t feature a well-defined grain structure. It doesn’t result in chip-out even with these materials.

It features a -3 degree hook, so the blade doesn’t bite the material aggressively and doesn’t “climb” the wood. This is well-suited for sliding miter saws, so you can work more safely.

The thin kerf blade reduces the amount of material you waste when you make your cuts, and it also doesn’t require too much horsepower to spin.

It also features laser cut expansion slots, so the blade can expand and contract from the heat, which keeps the blade from warping.

The blade comes with very large carbide tips, so you can resharpen the blade more times before you need to replace it.

It actually comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. All in all, it offers smooth cuts and a long life. With the MD8-606TB, you get an industrial-grade blade with its homeowner price tag.

DEWALT DW3128P5 80 Tooth and 32T ATB Thin Kerf

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Dewalt makes excellent miter saws, so it’s not surprising that it also makes terrific miter saw blades.

This Dewalt DW3128P5 12-inch blade set is quite popular, as it can be used to make fast, accurate, and smooth cuts on a wide variety of materials. You can use it on chipboard or plywood, and on soft and hard woods.

This set is actually a pair of blades. One comes with 80 teeth for extra fine cuts, while the 32-tooth blade is more suitable for rip cutting.

They’re both thin kerf blades, so you don’t need as much horsepower to spin them. You also don’t end up with a large amount of wasted material turning into sawdust.

The blade tips are made of tungsten and carbide, so they stay sharp for a longer time and you won’t have to resharpen the blades too frequently.

The blades also feature a plate precisely balanced by a computer, so you don’t get as much vibration. This provides you with a better finish for your cuts, and the accuracy of your cuts doesn’t suffer.

The two blades have more steel behind each blade tip, due to the wedge shoulder design. With that much steel behind the tips, the blades are less likely to break, and you get a lot of precision too.

This comes with a 3-year warranty. But for most people, the Dewalt brand is more than enough of a guarantee for its quality and durability.

Freud D12100X 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra Fine Blade

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This is one of the most popular blades for 12-inch miter saws, and just about every customer review for it has sung its praises with perfect scores. It comes with a premium price tag, but the premium features are fantastic.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about getting fine cuts. With the 100 teeth on the blade, getting superfine cuts isn’t exactly a problem.

It’s like using a heated samurai sword on butter. You won’t get any fraying even with hardwood materials.

Your cuts can be so thin that you can see through the slivers of wood. They’re also so smooth that it’s as if the wood has already been sanded by ultrafine sandpaper.

With the design of the blade, delivering these cuts doesn’t take much effort. You don’t waste as much material and you really optimize the effectiveness of your miter saw.

The design also features stabilizer vents cut by lasers, which reduce the vibration to keep the blade steady and your cuts accurate and smooth.

These vents even trap the noise so you don’t create a ruckus every time you’re working.Don’t overanalyze why this Freud D12100X. Just get one for your miter saw, and you’ll feel and see the difference right away.

IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Table / Miter Blade

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Lots of woodcutters like to stock different blades for different purposes, and that can be an expensive collection if you stick with premium blade brands.

But this Irwin blade is extremely affordable, so it really should fit even a modest budget. This is a 10-inch blade with ⅝-inch arbor. 

It offers 180 teeth (count them if you want), and it’s made of heavy-gauge, high-carbon steel.It’s tough enough to cut through mild steel without even causing sparks to fly. It’s also tough enough to last for a very long time.

With the thin kerf design (0.09" kerf), your cuts are very smooth and accurate, and you keep the wasted material from your cuts to a minimum. It features a fully hardened plate, so it will run true for a longer period of time.

So do you tend to cut lots of metal sheets? If that’s the case, then these Irwin blades will do the job cleanly and quickly. At this price range, it’s an absolute steal.

Freud D1060X Diablo 10-Inch 60 Tooth ATB Blade

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The Freud D1060X s designed for 10-inch miter saws, and it’s a definite upgrade on most stock blades you find on brand-new miter saws.

First of all, this features 60 teeth, and they’re made with high-density carbide and titanium. The blade also comes with “tri-metal brazing”.

Basically, all these features mean that the tips are resistant to impact, you get a fantastic finish to your cuts, and the blade will last for a very long time.

It endures against wear and tear very well, and it actually maintains the sharpness of the blade 4 times longer compared to standard carbide blades. In fact, the blade comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The blade is coated with Non-Stick Perma-Shield, so it’s resistant to heat and it also reduces pitch buildup.

It comes with an extremely thin laser-cut kerf, so the cuts are clean and very fast, and you don’t end up with lots of wasted material.

With the ATB designation, it also means you can make very fine crosscuts even on hardwood materials.

You get ease of feed that makes it easier for you to control the position of the blade, which again makes it more accurate in making cuts.

You also have laser-cut stabilizer vents that minimize the vibrations when you work. This allows you more control over the miter saw, and you also feel more relaxed.

Then vents also minimize the friction and the warping of the blade. In addition, these vents reduce the noise too.

If you’re working on pine, oak, and melamine, this is a great blade to have. It’s also useful for cuts on delicate molding and veneer plywood.

Final Verdict

It’s great that you spend a lot of time checking over your miter saw options so you can pick the best model for your workshop.

But it doesn’t make sense to buy a terrific miter saw with advanced features only to settle with the mediocre blade that comes with it.

So to take full advantage of your great miter saw, you need to pick the best miter saw blade as well.

The right blade can make your end results look better, and you can work faster, easier, and more efficiently. The right saw blade can make a woodcutting project a pleasure, instead of a chore.

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